Sunday, 24 April 2011

Gmarket continued:

Last saturday I posted a teaser post of my gmarket haul.

I actually do not like to put up teaser posts, but I have seen myself being interested when they were posted on other blogs, so that is why I thought I would post one myself. But, I am such an un-teaser-like person ;D

I was happy to see the postman with the gmarket haul this week. The only thing is that the darn Customs in my country seem to think I have to pay taxes. This is quite weird, because I always import for just $110, which is about 80 euros. I thought that was within the limits of free importation?

Still, it is worth for Gmarket. For other hauls such as I would skip ordering from them, because you can get similar products from the UK or other places in Europe for a similar (bit more expensive) price these days, which makes it still cheaper after tax and you will receive it earlier as well.
But g-market is still worth it, although I would prefer it not to be opened by Customs and taxed, because, COME ON, 80 euros for own personal pleasure! Why the taxes?

What did I get???

You already saw a glimpse of a snail in my saturday post. Here is the dinky littl' fellow:

That snail was attached to a leaf:

Which is actually a pen I received as a freebie from It's Skin:

I bought their most famous Vitamine C serum. I thought my skin could use a Vitamine C regime again.

I used to be quite serious about Vitamine C serums a couple of years ago, but when my skin got more sensitive my priorities swifted from anti-ageing/brightening to making my skin more tolerable.

So, I hope my skin is up to this serum and I hope it brightens and has a bit of a youthening effect...

Bought this one here, or, from 잇츠스킨 로, itemnr. 201166335 for ₩9,800 ($ 9.35). It is the VC one which is the 7th one in the row.

In my Happy Eastern post you also saw a kind of bunny ring:

So, how did I get interested in the bunny ring?

Gmarket has a monthy list of bloggers who are set in the spotlight. Which is a good thing for them as well, because they will receive a free coupon for shopping.

I have been lucky twice with a juicy coupon for ₩ 50.000 (approx. $40). I don't think they will reward me anymore because I already had it twice. (but you never know...*winks*)

I digress...So these post benefit Gmarket a lot, because there were lots of girls that proudly posted pictures of their new Bunny ring. They provided a link (there are more bunny-ring sellers and several type of bunnies, just browse the gmarket monthy winners and you will find tons of info and links to bunny rings)

Yep, I ordered a bunny ring as well in the largest size: 17! You know, it is too big for my ring finger! I never expected that because I already am not dainty for European standards, so I must be the big ol' giant for Korean standards.

The ring is perfect for my right hand, though, and it is funky without being too immature. It actually is hard to see that it is a bunny ring until you show your hands from a different angle. From the top you will see just a white, pointy thing.

I bought mine here from핑크퍼니걸 itemno 185617755  and ring 15 Rabbit Tie Ring mono.

I got this as a freebie:

Like the hair-thingies but the lollypop was blah...(threw it away)

But they have plenty of rabbits that are more sparkly or larger so might check them out.

 I also bought my first Holika Holika item:

I have been inspired by MissElan-nio a lot, who has been blogging about Holika Holika frequently.

And after I made my first order I saw Lotuspalace , Musings of a Muse and Worshipofblues posting something about them as well.

I did not know I jumped on the bandwagon until I saw their posts!

I only bought one thing...the Aqua Petit Jelly BB cream:

I like that they gave freebies only with purchasing a single purchase. I got three of their Honey Sleeping pack samples:

I bought it here....

Back to clothes:

I also bought a skirt in Midi size in whimsical tulle fabric:

I wanted the grey one instead of a girly colour, because I believe that the fabric is already feminine enough.

And with the neutral grey colour, I can wear it a bit tough as well: a bit Black swan or biker ballerina!

This skirt is from [올리비아 or Olivia, itemno. 193328854 and subchoice 타입 : Gray빈티지레이스sk-블랙(크림안감). (link)

Last, but not least...some decoration and protection for my Iphone:

I love the whimsical 'girl meets bird' theme:

They gave me this too:

I bought 'girl meets bird' over here,itemno. 194384173, subchoice 이미지젤리[lovely girl].

So, it was a rather spring-like haul that put a spring in my step :D


Cinnabunnie said...

You are suuuuch a teaser :P I was jumping out of my seat when I saw that you finally posted about it! I love the purchase and the freebies ^^ the bunny ring would be really cute on a necklace. Have fun with your new goodies!

Anonymous said...

Hello! Thank You for linking me! ^^ I was notified by my reader that I was linked here. And, I am very suprised as I am very new to blogging. And I love the tulle skirt! I got a black tulle skirt from Gmarket (a few months back) but couldn't remember which seller. .. I think I would want to do another Gmarket haul XD
Enjoy your goodies!