Sunday, 11 July 2010

Etude House Happy Teatime foaming cleanser in Lemon Tea

And while the rest of the people in the Netherlands are going totally bonkers about tonight's final Soccer wordcup match, I am too bored for words and feel like writing another review on some beauty product...

Honestly, I am slightly enthousiastic as well, and even bought one of those dodgy coloured orange dresses in order to show my nationalistic side. Ha ha ha...

Back to the review...

As if I do not have enough facial cleansers, I thought it would be a good idea to buy something from Etude House in the cleansing department. I normally steer away from the skincare range from Etude House, but somehow I have encountered some lovely cleansers (for example the Baking Soda Cleanser) that have the right balance between detoxifying the skin from the daily polution and softness to keep the skin balanced.

I like a soft Tea based scent, thus I opted for the Happy Teatime range. Happy Teatime is also divided in different kinds of teas, ranging from Aloe Tea, Peach Tea, Milk Tea and Green Tea. I enjoy a bit of a zesty scent, so I picked lemon tea.

The cleansing tubes match the scent, so my tube is a soft yellow colour, and if you would have picked the Aloe one, you would have gotten a green based tube.

For the description and the ingredients, please click on the picture:


What is apparent from this cleanser is that you will get lots of product for your money, 120 ml. The tube is quite large, and I was confused if it was a shower gel, or such. For convienience, I placed a MAC lipstick next to it to show you its volume.

The gel-like cleanser is also a soft yellow colour:


Now to the actual review:

What I like about this cleanser is the soft scent. It has more lemony elements in it than tea. Although, it smells like one of those cheaper, generic kind of tea brands that sell lemon tea, so in that option it is similar. The scent is not obtrusive, however, it is not explicably zesty or a real eyeopener.

The gel/cream gives a lovely foam when in contact with water. It lathers up in a good way and lots of people love a good, foaming product in order to get that clean feeling.

Unfortunately, I found the cleansing properties to be too harsh. The first couple of try-outs were lovely, but after two days I experienced that the cleanser STRIPPED the skin on my face too much. After cleansing, I would get that matte, slightly rough feeling on my skin.

I had to easy my face with soft toners, also to remove a kind of plasticy layer that the cleanser had left (weird story, but it felt like a certain plastic layer had been applied to my face).

Overall, I am not going to use this cleanser for my face again. It makes a good brush cleanser, and my brushes have that soft lemon scent afterwards.

For a softer Etude House cleanser with also a slightly lemony scent, I would rate Etude House Baking Soda Cleanser a better option.

It was not an expensive buy. I bought this one for $5.33 on ebay, and my brushes will be quite happy with them.


Valerie said...

I bought this recently too -- paid 2.50 for it on Gmarket! I too was shocked by the huge size.

I know what you mean about the too-clean feeling -- it's the same feeling I get when I use natural/vegan soaps because there are no sulfates or silicones in it. I don't mind it so much on my face. I checked the ingredients and there are no sulfates in it which is good, but that's also why it doesn't really lather or leave residue on the skin afterward.

Blair said...

My current cleanser leaves my skin feeling moisturized, I checked the ingredients and a sulphate is right at the top! Gahh, Idk whether this is a good thing or not >.<

Ooh, I was supporting Netherlands, it's so sad that they lost! Thank goodness I indulged in a little retail therapy before the match, thinking about that package cheers me up =]

Pammy said...

I had the same kind of skin reaction like you had and worse, it gave me pimples! :(

Elio said...

you can try Aloe tea!=D