Monday, 28 December 2009

New Year's Eve: the perfect party

Christmas has been celebrated! I hope everything has been wonderful!

Thus, it is time to think about the next celebration towards a new decade! 2010!!! Ready for it???

Parties have always been one of my favourite pasttimes. Even though I have not been to that many parties anymore, the idea of dressing up, socializing and dancing has always been a true event. It must have something to do with my horoscope...Leo's love to party!!!

I am sure that most of my readers have some wonderful NYE-parties to attend, or spend their time with their loved ones. I am also positive that most of you have already thought up what to wear and what makeup to put on for the celebration. Still, I would like to show you some gorgeous items I found (which is probably too late to buy for New Years Eve, but hey, they make a gorgeous set for the next party)

I love originality...and still feeling confortable. This picture looks like such a cool party outfit: the fedora is a bit masculine, and she teams it up with curly locks, a poofy striped dress, some sexy fishnet tights and some gorgeous boots...It is a cheeky and feminine way of party dressing portrayed by Misty.
So I searched a bit on etsy for some cool fedora's...Glowstoes (what's in a name) has this sophisticated variety with flapper-esque lace.

Or this one has a bright orange and red feather....

And how to stand out in a sea of Little Black Dresses?..simply wear white!

But be careful for those drunk people spilling their drinks on everybody.

Or adorn yourself in a delicate and eyecatching soft aqua colour. This hollystalder dress would look wonderful with a light complexion.

Team up with your aqua eyeshadow and accessorise with this gorgeously matching fascinator:

This is one of my favourites...a vintage flapper dress from the 20s:

flapper dress from stacyleighatelier at etsy

And I would probably team up the dress with a hairpiece such as this one from annashoub

Whatever your partyplans and your outfit will be, I hope it will be a wonderful New Year's Eve and a gorgeous new year.

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