Tuesday, 29 December 2009

SOLD...sorry about that

Everything is sold, sorry about that

Before 2009 is over, I would like to sell three of my Jill Stuart items for reasonable prices, predominantly to cover for the shipping fee.

The first item is a limited edition eyeshadow quad from the winter 2008 range. It is a range of the cutest golds, pinks and neutrals, so if you haven't been able to pick this up in 2008, this could be your chance.

***(mail me at tropischezee_@online.nl if you are interested in buying something)***

Jill Stuart eyeshadow quad in 05 Flash Veil (used 1x)- $19 INCLUDING shipping

Jill Stuart is the queen of princessy packaging. You will receive this palette in the whimsical, peachy packaging.

The colour collection is 05 in Flash Veil

The compact is adorably cute and a jewel to show:

The inside mirror is handy for applying your makeup in the office or on the road:

My second items is the Jill Stuart Eye Jelly in colour 10 Vintage Decor:

Jill Stuart Eye Jelly 10 Vintage Decor (used 1x) $ 7.50 including shipping

Princessy packaging, adorned like a jewel:

Shaped in feminine forms, a statement on your makeup dresser:

A gorgeous taupy brown colour with silver flecks:

Utterly beautiful to have:

My last item is another jewel, that has gotten rave reviews as well:

Jill Stuart Loose Powder in Natural (new) $21 INCLUDING shipping

It is a generous size that will provide you with the silkiest powder in the most adorable case:

The box is included:

You cannot get more cute and girly with this soft peachy bow on the powder puff:

Every item is clean and unused:

The foil is still unharmed:

***(mail me at tropischezee_@online.nl if you are interested in buying something)***


miss_waterlily said...

I predict a sell-out XD

Vanilla said...

eeekk thats a super nice deal !lol

sizbelle said...

fab sale you did.. great price that can only be found here.

Zuuchini said...

i just missed out a jill stuart sale again!! Why am i always late

Citrine said...

Noooooo....I want all of them.

Kiradris said...

Oh, darn, wish I had been more on top of this one, would have loved the jelly eye color! But congrats on getting it all sold!