Saturday, 19 December 2009

Kose Esprique Precious Symphonic Fit eyes F-3

What a lovely haul-day!

Today I received a personal pre-Christmas haul I ordered from One that contained a palette from Kose Esprique Precious from their upcoming spring 2010 collection. It has been given the harmonious name Symphonic Fit eyes, which is probably a beautiful manner of Japlish to describe the beauty of the palette.

Esprique Precious is one of my favourite brands of Japanese cosmetics. It has a clean but girly and glamourous exterior and packaging without the overprincessy vibe that Jill Stuart has (I still love love love Jill Stuart packaging, but most people in my country find it age-inappropriate and too cutesy when I flash the princessy compacts of JS). And they make such excellent products that are suitable for the mature woman as well.

The compact case is elegant and still feminine with a white case and a three rows of silver and pink dots.

I ordered the combination of greens and silvery taupes. Green is not the colour I order the most, when buying eyeshadow. It has something to do with the rule I received when growing up that 'one must never use the same colour eyeshadow as the colour of the eyes'.

I still loved the online colour of the green, and it is not exactly matching my eyes either (it would be a weird but fun colour to have exactly thát type of eyecolour)

The palette has four powder colours. They are laced with a flowery motive that threads throughout the whole compact. It is so beautiful!

I have some close ups from the powders. The first one is the light-silvery grey from the left:

The second left colour in a beautiful, water-like, fresh green:

Colour three and four: Both taupes, only the far right is deeper and more pigmented as well.

Aww, I found it hard to touch this supergorgeous palette, however, I wanted to make swatches for you readers as well.

The next swatches have been photographed with flash, which makes the sparkles pop up more. The texture is so incredibly smooth and buttery. The white stipe on the top is the cream colour that is on the bottom of the palette.

I would not guessed from the palette that the colour on the far right would be so deep and intense. Although it has been a smaller stipe of colour than the others, which often means that it is meant for use as a liner.

Mmm, I prefer the picture with flash because my skin looks prettier in that picture, but I included the picture in (bleak) day-light as well, without flash. It shows how the colours are looking in normal light.

The cream colour looks like a stark white, from the first glance. However, it is a white with delicate pink iridescence, which is slightly visible on this picture:

I normally do not use the cream shadows from the Japanese palettes, as they often are too glittery or not really convienient. I do like this one, and I might use it as a base, or to pop in the corners of my eyes to light up the area.

The colour I thought I would not like as much as the others, is actually the one I find the most unique and pretty: the green one. It is so fresh and springlike.

I have few green in that category, but from the ones I have I made a comparising picture:

All three are incredibly pretty, I believe, and have a unique quality of colour.

Overal, I adore this palette. I still have to use it on my eyes to completely see how it will hold and lasts.

If you would like to see an EOTD of the Symphonic Fit eyes F-4 palette, I would suggest to take a look at Haru's blog Rougedeluxe over here.


Popcorn said...

OMG! Esprique Precious is by far my most favorite brand! I am so glad to reviews about the new palettes. I still have yet to decide which color I want to get. But this palette looks sooo cute! The pics are really high quality! It is always hard to use a brand new palette. Thanks for the review!

Citrine said...

I used to like the brand image and packaging of the line but now I just think it gets a bit bland after they hired Huraki Mai as their spoke model (She has a great voice but she isn't really know for her good look)It's like they lost the elite appeal the moment they decided to head for the approachable direction...The same thing goes with Aube Couture, Rinka is so much better than Aibu Saki....

Jenn said...

I decided to try this color too and love it! Now I 'm wondering which color to try next =)

Mary in Wonder said...

I don'T like greens and they don't look good on me either, but this is indeed pretty!Would love to see an EOTD with this palette =D

Tracy said...

I used to love greens when I used to be darker. It would look great with some brown geo lens. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! I think this EP palette is soo pretty! Love the taupe colors a lot!

Blair said...

Birkie, you reawakened my lemming for EP! This looks like a super fab palette!

Anonymous said...

This looks amazing!! EP's Symphonic Eyes are definitely on my Spring shopping list!

Jess said...

I'm craving this palette! :p
I think the silvery grey shades int his palette are gorgeous!