Friday, 18 December 2009

Illamasqua pencils in Classic, Sorceress and Please

After a cold week that has the true December spirit in it, I received a joint order (my friend and I) from Illamasqua. Illamasqua had free shipping for a while when ordering over 65 pounds, so my friend ordered some things and I did as well.

I ordered two pencils and a cream blush. She ordered the Satin primer and another pencil.

I had permission to swatch her pencil as well, for the blog...She is such a dear, awww.

Here are the swatches:

The fine pencil from Illamasqua is often used for eyebrows, but they can work for eyelids as well. I ordered the colour in Classic, which is a steel grey without shimmer. It is the colour on the left. It has a dryer texture than the medium pencils, although they differ as well from each other. It is only available for European Union buyers (sorry US people, but you can probably find a lovely EU person to purchase it for you)

The colour Sorceress is decribed as a rich brown-black, and it almost looks black in real life. I found this pencil to be the creamiest one that covered the skin the best.

The colour Please is a European Union edition only as well. It is decribed as a Navy Blue. I found it to have some teal undertones as well, which is visible in the swatch too, if you watch closely. This texture is not as good as the Sorceress one, which is a bit inconsistent of Illamasqua. Still, it has become creamier after a couple of uses, and the colour is such a wonderful navy with a pop of teal.

Overal, the pencils are lovely and are longlasting as well. They are available at and for £12.00. The website has improved and they have actual swatches on skin, so you do not have to search all blogs for swatches. Very convienient.

Ok, have a good weekend and do not forget to join my giveaway for the Artdeco Alice diary over here.


Citrine said...

Maybe you should wait a few months to see if the application gets better in another temperature. I bought a couple of prestige eyeliner pencils the green went on eyes pretty well while a blue one just too thin/hard to draw. I tried those again a few days ago, the blue one applied like a dream and the green on became a bit hard to work with.

Anonymous said...

Sorceress looks very nice. i don't use pencil liner but i am interested in this brand. :)