Thursday, 22 October 2009

lipgloss on the beach...

Hey my dears....

The soft, salty breeze of the sea is still lingering in my hear....yes, I have been on a small but uberfantastic break for a couple of days.

I was somewhere were temperatures do not go lower than 23 degrees celcius, which meant that I was able to wear my summer-clothes again, the poor fellows did not see much day of light during the Northen European summer...They needed a break as well!

I wore ridiculously little makeup, which is often the whole thing about a vacation, a total break from everything. Actually, it did not scare the men, women or children that much either (I must not be a total hag, alright, LOL).

One thing that was a loyal partner in beach-crime was my Sephora lipgloss in 16.

Here she is lying on the beach...not for too long, otherwise the lovely sparkles will turn...

My regular readers know that I love everything lippy with a natural why was this babe so precious to me? Well, it moisturized the mouth after a dive in the sea. It has such a wonderful, non-sticky texture. It reminds me sooo much of the Chanel Aqualumiere High shine sheer concentrated lipgloss---->and it stays on longer as well!!!

I am still too much chilled to give you guys a whole review. Anyway, I adore the colour, that looks good when really pale or with a slight tan. The green microshimmer is intensely flattering for my mouth and the sheer coral glow is just right.

Love it, period!

Ohhh, and I missed out on something as well for such a long time. I have been reading a lot about Bubble tea lately (on the blogs of my fellow beauty mavens) and I was finally able to buy some!

Gosh, that stuff is intensely good. Why can't I find something like that in Holland?

my chilled bubble tea in Passionfruit green tea.

Ha ha, delicious and new food is always one of the better things of exploring a new area...(also beauty thingies, and I bought some as well).

Aww, the weather is so poopy at home, I seriously need to plan the next vacation...he he.

Also, I feel like starting up a bubble tea company as well...I will probably be consuming most of it myself, but who cares?


Old Cow said...

YOU ARE NOT A HAG!! Silly Birkie

I want to know where you went :(

I am glad that you had a nice breakaway and that you as still chilled upon your return.

I agree good food + nice weather = mega uberfantastic holiday


Vanilla said...

awww the bubble tea looks nice !
ohh i also need holdiay !lol

Jamilla Camel said...

23C! Northern Europe!! Good food and a trusty lippie = all you need for a great time!

Blair said...

A pwitty shimmery non sticky lipgloss sounds perfect!

Elvira said...

Bubble tea AND beautiful gloss? What could be better? Sounds like a fab vacation. and that gloss is VERY pretty!

miss_waterlily said...

Is it taiwan or something near that u went to?;-)

M said...

we share the same lippie obsession :P

mmmmh bubble tea, its been a while!

Anonymous said...

That lipgloss looks beautiful! The beach, how I'd love to be there at the moment! =)

izumi said...

you are ssssooooo not a hag!!

LOVE that color! :) mmm, vaca's!

The Pretty Diary said...

Hey meid! Love your blog! =) Wat ik even kwijt wilde: Bubble tea is in Amsterdam te krijgen bij A-Fusion op de Zeedijk (bij de Nieuwmarkt/Chinatown) ;)