Friday, 7 August 2009

Illamasqua surprise

Hey my dears!
I have a couple of post I am planning to make, but I have to break it down in a couple of post to make it comprehensable...LOL. Otherwise this post would be overloaded with pictures and random chatters about etsy, Japanese makeup, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, Nix'ie, Illamasqua, jewellery, etc.

Last tuesday I received a black envelope, which, I know now, is a Illamasqua order. I could not remember ordering anything from them during my last haul, although my subconcious self was dying to place another order. I already suspected myself of sleep-internetting, instead of sleepwalking...did I make a mystery order during my sleep???

Then, I read the card inside, and it said something about me having "clearly good taste" and "accept these little gifts": Ok, that is big flattery and I am a sucker for flattery...bring it on, LOL (click the picture for the whole text on the card).

I also remembered one of cosmeticcandy's posts where she was having a free gift from Illamasqua as well. I thought she was so lucky and she must have ordered a million things from them before (she kind of ordered a couple of thingies...). Or she might have mentioned them having a blog...or such. I had only made two orders, and have not mentioned anything about writing about them on a blog ( guys probably think I am selling out, aren't you?).

Anyway, I love the gift, but I will stay unbiased as far as possible...if something does not work for me, or my type of skin, I will say so as well. On the other hand, it makes it easy falling in love with a company who send you freebies. I hope I can stay honest (LOL).

Back to business: I received a cream eyeshadow in Captivate. It can be described as a white colour with a grey cast: it looks like a cloud on a sunny day, somewhat ominous (with possible showers/rain inside). It is my first cream eyeshadow from them, so I am happy to look how it delivers, compared to MAC, Kose Esprique cream eyeshadows and other cream eyeshadows I have.

I also received my first Illamasqua powder blush in Beg. Beg looks really vivid in the pan, as a deep rose.

I have to think about this song when I think about Beg.

It is rather a deep colour for a blush. The next swatch is the unblended version of Beg.

Still, it is really a 'me' colour: not too warm or orangy, and not a cool pink or icy mauve shade. I blended it a bit and got a lovely pop of rosiness. Again, it contrasting on my white innerarm, but my face is darker.

I also swatched Captivate, which I would not have picked myself. However, I like this colour. I had an obsession with steely grey eyepencils for a while, and this is a type of colour a bit lighter. I applied it in my waterline, and it made an alternative for a white eyeliner. I also dotted a tiny bit in the corner of my eyes when I wore a smokey eye, which was also a nice solution when I do not want to wear shimmery white highligher in the inner corners of my eyes.
I also want to test it as a base product for my cooler eyeshadows. It might even look good with a warmer shade of eyeshadow, but that is still a testing opportunity ;p


Jamilla Camel said...

oooh! Illamasqua!

They have a lot of very unique shades, which are not all easy to wear, but certainly innovative!

have fun!

P.S. I ordered Illamasqua foundation from this morning....

birkinbagbeauty said...

Illamasqua is on asos as well? That is so cool. asos seems to have so many brands.

Citrine said...

That's really nice of them to send you the goodies...I personally don't like it when blogger become a lot more protective of the brand just because they got it for free...I should avoid the detail here so I won't be offending them.

At this moment I like Illamasqua's (I can never pull of that kind of bright makeup) nail polish but I usually only spend 1-3 dollars on a bottle of nail polish...

Jenn said...

I just got my first few illamasqua items from sephora-loving it! Too bad not all the colors are available in the states.

Mary in Wonder said...

I wish other brands would do this...and you're lucky. That blush looks lovely *.*

Michelle (Lipstick Rules) said...

We NEED Illamasqua in Canada. We can't order through Sephora right now so we have to go direct to the company and the shipping charges suck. Sigh. But that likely won't stop me from buying more -- like Beg blush!

i love your blog!