Friday, 7 August 2009

Etsy jewellery: Tinadee's BOGO

Etsy has become such a daily place to hang out. I have become smitten with the creativity of various sellers. Etsy is perfect for finding your bit of exclusivity for a often reasonable price. I often check out the section for the WEEKEND SALES, which often has a wonderful and irresistable deal lying around for me

One of the categories I enjoy most these days is jewellery! So, I would like to attend my fellow Etsy and jewellery fans that Etsy is having the weekend sales centered around....yes yes yes...jewellery. Read all about it here (and scroll down to the comments for additional deals).
Two weeks ago it was BOGO weekend, and I found that one of the stores I had listed as favourite in my wishlist, was having a true BOGO (Buy One get One....FREE). I leaped at the opportunity and ordered two gorgeous rings from Tinadee. It arrived last tuesday with free international shipping as well.

Left is the gold-filled ring I ordered. I added the Sterling Bud and Leaf Summertime Ring as the freeby.

They are mentioned to be as stackable rings, so they are thin and not too obtrusive, which I love. They have a delicate nature and do not clash with my other rings...they add extra dimension to it.

Tinadee is joining the weekend sales as well: 25% off sale this Friday - Sunday - just use the code "weekend deals". Honestly, it is not a smashing sale as the BOGO, but it is still a nice opportunity to pick an lovely piece of jewellery.
Check out some of the other sellers as well: at least, I filled up my cart again ;p


Stephanie Kim said...

so cute! delicate and detailed :)

birkinbagbeauty said...

thank you...:D

izumi said...

very stylish and cute! i love what you picked out :)

Jeff Byer said...

beautiful rings. very nice.