Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Cheery Cherryculture Haul (teaser pics)

I have been absent from the blogosphere for a couple of days... I found my own post to be a bit unspirational and I was (still am) completely swamped with several projects from Uni. Moreover, I was so stressed for an interview for a Master study programm I had today that I could not think in bloggy terms of pretty, stylish items...

After the interview I went to my mailbox and found some lovely items that I bought from Cherryculture.com. I ordered from them a week or two ago, when they had a rocking discount of 20% off. Ofcourse, the gorgeous Jojoba enabled me to buy the L.A Girl palette. Check out her excellent review over here.

I ordered Eternity!

And Passion! I wanted to have Fall in Love as well, but that one has been sold out for a couple of weeks (and still is sold out)

I would not be Birkie-the-Blush-addict if I was going to miss the opportunity to buy something blush-like. I am sure I could supply the total of British Footballer's wife of all British Soccer clubs from a year supply of blush, but hey...I am the addict and constantly on the lookout for another blush. And it is nice to know that, when I am 80 years old, I can still use the blush I bought when I was young...

I bought the Amuse Cheek Palette that retails for a mere $3. Discounted, that would be $2.20...Ha, I pay more for a coffee on the road...Such a steal!

I bought the colour Natural....The colours look natural and pretty in the pan...swatches will probably be posted in the weekend, as I still have a hectic week to finish....

A girl can never have too much lipglosses, so I threw NYX girl round lipgloss in RLG 34 Real Nude and RLG 22 Natural, and a Amuse Chocolate lipgloss (the other one was a GWP). The NYX girl lipgloss retails for $2 and the Amuse chocolatty yummy lipgloss is $1

Ahhh, I was such a nail polish addict a couple of years ago. I have loads of polishes and love them to bits. I could not resist the temptation to order a couple of Sinful polishes. Don't you love the name, Sinful?
They retail for $2...I had to pay the standard $10 for shipping, so something substantial had to go in the box...LOL.

The full monty of swatches will probably be posted this weekend, as I am still swamped with essays and exams. I also have to keep my fingers crosses if I will be admitted to the study programm.

Pfff, so let me conclude with these cheery singing kids about how tough life can be...(Jay Z "hard knock life"). Wasn't this song produced before the millenium (1998 or 1999)? What were you doing then? (I was a clubbing dolly and a bit of a rebel, now I am the tedious housewife and student...)


Anonymous said...

yay!!! you gotta LA Girl Lip palettes too! how do you like them??? I just wore eternity today. Love it!

birkinbagbeauty said...

OMG Jojoba, I cannot believe how smooth they feel on my lips. I love the second colour from Eternity (from the left) but that is the only colour I have tried so far, but I am sure to like the others as well.

Anonymous said...

ohhh my friend semi have the L.A. lucious lip palette! she loves it XP


Yumeko said...

nice hauling!
yes i try to maximise my shipping too heee

birkinbagbeauty said...

Hi Lily, I love your user name (hellokittyromance). I think I already love the L.A girl palette...he he, now i have to order more.

Hi Yumeko, Always a good excuse for filling up the card, with a flat rate for shipping ;P

Anonymous said...

nice haul!! Especially those gorgeous nail colors, can't wait to see you try them on :)