Thursday, 2 April 2009

Banilla Co. the Secret Glam palette

Banilla Co. is going Glam, with a palette in the Secret Glam, that is. Banilla's cosmetic makers must have tons of secrets, as the word Secret is being used in lots of Banilla Co. baked powders....perhaps it is the secret to beauty...who knows?

I was happy to receive this secret Glam Palette. I was lusting over this palette since I saw it on Lotuspalace in December, and 3 months later it is mine, really mine...muhahaha!

I think this palette is a part of the Winter line of Banilla Co., as the spring edition has been focussed on the Gossip Girl theme. The colours are suitable for winter and autumn indeed, as they consist of bronzy, autumny, blackish and white colours...Still, I love those colours all year around and I am sure I will rock these shades in Spring as well.

The box is pretty, a matte black with silvery letters...

I already described the colours. They are both taylored for winter and autumn, don't you think?

Wow, these eyeshadows are PIGMENTED! Especially the darker hues. I made two pictures that show the dimension of the colours...I hope I captured them well. Otherwise, you can also see Kathi on Lotuspalace's swatches, which are really vivid as well.

I also bought this palette from the same seller as I bought the other Banilla products: khs005492 for 22,000 won.
So, I would like to wish everyone a wonderful weekend. Be happy and do not shop too much (LOL)!


Jamilla Camel said...

ooooh! Birkie! I think those colors will look fab on your porcelain complexion!

Great pigmentation too!

ning * star said...

those are really pretty <3

Yumeko said...

oh i loooove this!!! i bought it too

do show some looks ? i need ur help XD!!

fuzkittie said...

That's a beautiful palette! Nice colors.. haha nice warning at the end! :P

Anonymous said...

That is a very pretty palette, the colors are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

this looks like a cute palette. are the lighter ones pigmented enough? i like the dark ones but a bit iffy about the lighter ones.