Saturday, 10 January 2009

Winter cold: does your style suffer?

I have been loving this winter a lot. The combination of snow, a bit of frost and a lot of sunshine has been adding a bit of natural Prozac to my brain.

However, I have been quite lazy on the style-front lately. I leave my dresses in the closet, because even the warmest tights aren't as warm as my trustworthy jeans. I pile on the warmest sweaters and vests, instead of wearing my cute little tuxedo jackets. And I will not get started about my footwear...I have been living in my motorcycle boots with fur inside for weeks.

So, my dear reader. I was wondering: how do you describe your winter philosophy towards being stylish? Is your style suffering for winter confort, or do you brave all in order to look fashionable?


Glow Chaser said...

Dear Birkie,

I have been a lazy sod on the style front thus far this winter. It has been colder than normal and as I despise such climes I have been living in my boots, jeans and jumpers - Blah!!

I am a dress and skirt fan and would love to brave the extremes in the name of glamness but I am a coward!!!


cheryl said...

u know what, i wear a wool-blend camisole underneath my sweaters so i dun need to bulk up. usually in fall i'd just get a couple of new sweaters for the next season, then combine that with a few pairs of really nice jeans... with a good goose down jacket u're all set to go... but i'm thinking the dutch winter is much harsher, right?

cheryl said...

oh by the way i LOVED that tuxedo pug XD i'm hoping to get a pug maybe next winter! those dogs have the biggest heart!

MiuMiu said...

Hey Birkin! Thanks for dropping by!
I think there should be like a Lena wig XD
I looove how Sasa is starting to have Skinfood items..yay!

Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

for me i try to wear many layers and one thick coat
this is because my office is kinda warm

i am not adversed to wearing thermals either! i love buying sexy/pretty thermals like lacy ones with leopard prints etc XD

M said...

lots of layeringggg :P plus cashmere scarf and thick coat. its been dipping below 30F here lately, kind of scary. i think New years eve it was below 0F

Jamilla Camel said...

Great Lingerie! I always wear bright colours (I wear a lot of black clothes, but I do not own any black undies!) in matching/coordinating sets.

I also rely on my Max Mara camel coat and a nice designer scarf/pashmina (my current one is from Hermes, via British Airways duty free).

For footwear, I rely on my wool-lined Ecco ankle boots.