Sunday, 25 January 2009


I feel so lucky to have encountered a couple of sweet and wonderful fellow bloggers in this beauty blogosphere. It is amazing to find that someone will send you gorgeous things without ever meeting before in real life.

Another beautiful swap has been with Engmin. I swapped for her Biore UV perfect face milk in SPF 50 and received so much more.

I received a Coogi Base product in a lavendel colour....I love that the Makeup Base has also 'humanizing' proprieties...LOL, it might make me more social!

She also included a FULL SIZE Coogi BB cream.

Coogi loves to write inspiring texts: "Nature provides us with the energy we need in life. Thus, guided by the motto "finding health and beauty in nature," we offer beauty based on the vital elements of human life from Mother Nature."

I really like this motto, though!
My sweet swapper also had some mindreading powers: I was so curious about Coogi products and I am really glad to be able to try out some of their Flowertox samples:
And she included the sweetest letter....Awwwww CUTE paper!

Yummmmmmmmy, look at these munchtastic Panda cookies. And yes, they survived the long trip and were completely undamaged, until they dissapeared in my hungry mouth.

Thank you so much, Engmin. The Lunasol palette will arrive at your doorstep asap!


Engmin said...

You're welcome Birkie! It was my pleasure swapping with you and I got a chance to make a new friend!

MiuMiu said...

nice swap! so many goodies

cheryl said...

aren't u a lucky girl?! swapping is fun... :-D