Friday, 2 January 2009

Innisfree @

Wonderful news for the Korean cosmetics lovers: Innisfree is available on the easy-to-navigate (here). also introduced the Skinfood a couple of days before, so they jumped on the bandwagon of the rising popularity of Korean cosmetics.
I am not familiar with Innisfree yet. but you can check some blog posts over here that discuss innisfree BB cream.
I am sure that we will find more reviews soon now Innisfree is easier to purchase on Sasa.


Glow Chaser said...

Innisfree?? wowser! Thanks for letting us all know!!

Anonymous said...

cool. i began to like SASA because of Pupa. Skin Food is quite OK so it's a very good news for those who can't try its product in person. this Innisfree is new to me too.

cheryl said...

hi there, happy new year (again)! i shopped on once and their service was REAL fast... this hong kong company is great.

cheryl said...

hey how's it going? i'm doing a swap on my blog now so stop by if u wanna take a look! :-P