Thursday, 1 January 2009

2008: my personal highlights

It has been quite a year, 2008. (this must be the least original sentence in 2009...he he)

Some events really stuck to our minds: the US elections, the credit crunch and financial crisis.
I want to start out positive by looking back at five of my personal highlights. I am pretty good in complaining...but let's look at the bright site of life (tada tada tadadadada (Life of Brian))

1. The very first place is dedicated to dear me gratuating from University which launched me from Undergraduate status to Graduate status. I started university and I was not even sure if I had the intellectual capacity or purely the dedication to finish a degree...but I did! Next goal is starting (and finishing) my Postgraduate level.

2. My holiday to Scotland: I hadn't been on a proper holiday since ages (7 years?) and I was really happy to go to Scotland with my beau. My skin was so good during that trip (lack of stress) and I felt at peace.

3. Creating Birkinbagbeauty, writing regularly and actually having people reading it!

I have started blogs earlier, however, I realised that I was simply writing things down for myself and the occasional person who stumbled on my blog by coïncident. This time I wanted to write something regularly, even if it is not that brilliant or important. The blog is still open for improvement and I do not consider myself to be as brilliant as some other gorgeous beauty and style-bloggers out there. But...I have to pinch myself...people actually read my

4. Not having touched a drop of alcohol in 2008. Ha ha, this is something I hardly ever do, so it is more of a status quo-thing...I am a goody-two-shoes in the alcohol department and I am probably one of the few people who is not really impressed by alcohol, so I simply do not drink it!
But it is still nice to remember my good traits in a flood of minor addictions such as buying make-up, loving candy, sleeping too much, being a lazy bum...
I did drink a couple of glasses in 2007 which had to do with my social life, still it is so moderate compared to many people.... I was still a goody two shoes with simply one glass per party (which made me tipsy afterall).

So, instead of looking at dodgy resolutions and punishing yourself with dreadful regimes in order to become a perfect (aka boring) person...look back to 2008 and find the good things in yourself: I am sure that you will find more than you expected to find (otherwise, ask a good friend to remember your strengths).

5. Loving meeeee!


M said...

thanks for coming by! happy new year!

love your pic from your holiday in scotland :D

Glow Chaser said...
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birkinbagbeauty said...

Hi M, thanks for visiting me as well...I love that pic from Scotland as well. That cow and me had a thing going on, LOL

Hi Glowchaser, I am blushing fiercely for the complements you gave me. Wow...thank you *blushes a bit more*

cheryl said...
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