Tuesday, 9 December 2008

some acts of the seven (deadly) sins

I have been guilty of commiting a lot of the seven deadly sins. Let's analyse some of my cardinal sins I have commited:

The inducement:
This week I was able to pick up another box with japanese goodies. The postal shop must be thinking that I have huge businessdeals with Asian firms or such, because I always seem to pick up packages that come from Taiwan, Hong Kong or Korea.

sin 1: greed
I have been a greedy shopper lately...I went out for a new facial cleanser, but somehow my cart ended up with a blush, a face mask and eye masks as well ;D

sin two: Sloth
I wanted an easy cleanser that would remove my makeup with ease and efficiency, a sort of a equivalent to a cleansing cloth, only more efficient. So when I read a review on Mandom cleanser on the Muse's blog, I was sold. So this will bring me to .
More sloth: (lack of a proper review)
I am not going to do a lenghty review upon this, because the Muse, Yummiebitez and Kimberly Tia did such an excellent job in describing this gorgeous product that my words would be mere jibberish. I only want to add that it feels like a light and angelic tonic and cleanses like a maniac, without harming my sensivite skin.

Sin 3 and 4: Lust and Envy:
I wanted this product, because I have read such fantastic reviews of it, so that brings me to lust and a little bit of envy.

Sin 5 Vanity:
Vanity made me order another blusher (Bihada Ichizoku), the Lifecella eye mask and a Bihada Ichizoku sheet mask. I just want to look purty!

(uh ohh, does this make me a bad person?)


Glow Chaser said...

Birkin!! Where you been all my life!! Haha

Man you have some bihada!!I want soem of these masks soooo badly! Time to call in some Tokyo bound favours i think.

Oh you got some mandom too! I have the sebum one and the moist one.

My sin?? GREEEED!! oh and probably WRATH - just sometimes!

cheryl said...

lol...u're EVE's very reincarnation with all that sinning... ah well, a girl gotta spoil herself once in a while :-P

birkinbagbeauty said...

Glowy, you can get those masks at jpmon.com as well:

I think I have a Q10 Mandom. I am not sure if the Q10 actually works in a cleanser, but hey...

Cheryl, not sinning is a sin as well...LOL! Every girl really gotta spoil herself once in a while, I do believe so ;D

fuzkittie said...

HOw come Mandom cleanser doesn't work as well for me as everyone says!!! *cries* It stings my eyes like hell too, so now I'm just scared to use it.. and it doesn't take off my Majolica mascara...

It's ok to sin, for the sake of beauty. :]

yumeko said...

u got the Q10 version!
i have tried the sebum and moist but never the Q10

its cloudier looking than the sebum or moist versions i think

i love the golds in the majomajo indeed

i still havent tried the bihada blushes gotta get some