Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Bihada Ichizoku Blush in Beige

I have been lemming (wanting eagerly) Bihada Ichizoku blushers for several months, and I was really happy to find them online at ( is quite a tricky website, if you do not speak Chinese... fortunately the Muse did a tutorial on ordering here)

Anyway, after contemplating which colour to pick, I chose the beige one. But, after seeing haruhii pics online, I was afraid that the beige one will look orangy on me. Check out the link of her post. I do not want to steal her beautiful pictures.

The blusher and other items arrived yesterday, and fortunately it seems really workable as a winter bronzer/highlighter colour...

Here is a picture of the blusher in sunlight (finally, there is a bit of sunlight today!)

The blusher out of sunlight, but still in natural light.

This is a close up of the blusher in sunlight:

On my pale arm. Natural light and no direct sunlight.

Made with flash:

And the same swatch in sunlight:

The box itself is quite reminicent of the Shu Uemura blusher. I compared the two of them, but I found that the Bihada Ichozoku blusher is a bit bigger than the Shu.

I bought the blusher on jpmon for 450 taiwanese dollar, which is about $13.50 (current rate)and it is listed over here. More Bihada items are available on this page, or you could ask a lovely friend in Japan to purchase these items for you.


makemeup said...

THanks for your visit and comment! Wow i love that blush color you bought, it is soo cute! I really like blush, and if i can collect all from each brand i would! LOL!

fuzkittie said...

The color is sooo lovable! :D

Yumeko said...

ok serious lemmings here!
i love that color!!

i have read locally that the muji blushes are similar , do u have one to compare?


Digital Angel said...

Thx for the sweet comment :D You are so sweet !
I love the packaging of the blush, and it reminds me of Shu uemura blush, oh and it does look like The Face Shop blush too ! I will have to show u oneday :)