Saturday, 20 December 2008

La Femme blush-o-rama

People who read my blog every know and then know that I have a weakness for blush-colours. It is not the most obvious and fun makeup product that exist, but it has the ability to transform a blah and lacklustre face into a healthy, I-have-eaten-all-my-vegetables kind of complexion...

One of the few brands that tickled my curiosity was La Femme. La Femme cosmetics is a brand that is commonly used by makeup-artist. It offers high quality products for cheap prices, and the products are very pigmented, so I heard. Jojoba did a wonderful review on their Glow-on Rouge Kits here. Makeup411 also mentions how their blushes are used on filmset. They listed La Femme blush on the 'best of the best' list of blushers (here). And I am a sucker for good press on a product...

So, when one of my regular makeup onlineshops tempted me with a good discount on La Femme blushes, there was no turning back for me, LOL.

I ordered six of their La Femme Blush on Rouges in colours that I thought they would flatter me the most. The Blush on Rouges are a lot smaller than the Glow-on Rouges...but I absolutely love the colours I received, especially for the discounted price of a mere $2.99! Five of the six are really suitable for me...and the sixth one (the Grape) is also very nice when applied with a very light hand and a bit of finishing powder on top...

1. Mocha 2. Amber 3. Dusty Rose 4. Coral Spice 5. Peach Sparkle 6. Grape

1. Mocha 2. Amber 3. Dusty Rose 4. Coral Spice 5. Peach Sparkle 6. Grape

1. Mocha 2. Amber 3. Dusty Rose 4. Coral Spice 5. Peach Sparkle 6. Grape

1. Mocha 2. Amber 3. Dusty Rose 4. Coral Spice 5. Peach Sparkle 6. Grape

Is that all, noooohooo. I also ordered three of the Glow-on Blushes in Honey Blush (1), Frosted Pink (2) and Raspberry (3)...

The compacts are really large and come with a crappy brush. They are a bit bulky imo, but the colours are nice. I do not love the colour selection as much as the ones I picked with the Blush on Rouges.

1. Honey Blush 2. Frosted Pink 3. Raspberry

Here are some close up pictures of the blush compact:

Honey Blush

Frosted Pink


I could not get an excellent picture of the swatches...the darn sun decided to dissapear after shining a measly one hour...But you can see that the Frosted Pink hardly shows up on my skin. Perhaps I can use it as a fresh up colour or a sort of highlighter, but it has no real blush potential.

1. Honey Blush 2. Frosted Pink 3. Raspberry

Same as before: 1. Honey Blush 2. Frosted Pink 3. Raspberry

If I have to pick a favourite I would take the Dusty Rose; it is a marvelous colour that gives my face a pop of freshness that is both believable and uplifting. I would repurchase or stock up on that colour without any doubt.
I adore the texture and pigmentation of the smaller Blush on Rouge, I think they are of a superior quality that matches the big names, or perhaps they are even better. I should test that one day (a cheek of Nars vs a cheek of La Femme).
The price is really a big plus. Right now they are still on sale (until discontinued) at at $3.59 for the biggy Glow-ons and $2.99 for the smaller Blush-ons. So I have ordered 9 blushes for the price of one and a quarter of a Nars blush (approximately). I also saw them on, Blush-ons are $3.50 (and they have a wider selection) and Glow-ons are $4.75 (same selection).


Yumeko said...

wow thats a lot of blush
my collection is small and i dont put much thought into blushes i used

but u inspire me! i will definetely check these out!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that frustee pink barely shows up on you and you are so fair!!!

i LOVE LF blushes, but the BIG ones that you don't like much. LOL. the small ones, if are the same from Napolean, then i have tried 4 and all way too pigmented for me.

even that frostee pink was too much and i had to be very careful.
they remind me of Shu Glow On!

ps: i am linking you to my blog. :)

cheryl said...

oh my god these are SO beautiful! i LOVE violet-toned blushes.