Sunday, 30 November 2008

to France

Tomorrow I will be travelling to Paris for a day. About 3 months ago I was able to snap up a good deal, so I booked for the beginning in December in order to watch how Paris looks like before Christmas.

I have been to Paris before: the first time when I was 16, but that was more a cultural visit (with my school, so all monuments and museums were crammed in 2 days...)
The second time was by myself, just for a couple of hours...The third and fourth time with my boyfriend..which was fun, but I haven't seen that many shops, this time I will visit some department stores and funky neighbourhouds...if I have enough time.

Places I want to visit during the day in Paris:
Le Marais: extremely trendy neighbourhood
La Colette: funky warehouse with lots of cute items

Printemps en Galeries Lafayette at the Boulevard Haussmann, just because they are classics and I love roaming around luxurious department stores...

Le Bon Marché at Saint-Germain-des-Prés : another department-store, I might have a fetish for department stores, LOL...

I cannot spend that much, but I am still glad to do some window shopping and sniff up the Parisian atmosphere.


Engmin said...
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Digital Angel said...

I have never been to paris :D Funky item store seems very interesting, I will expect pretty pictures :D

birkinbagbeauty said...

Hi Engmin and Digital Angel,
Ofcourse I will take lots of pictures, and I will post them as well. I hope to encounter a nice perfume shop as well, or another beauty shop, and I want to take pictures of that as well...but I will not have thát much time.

Betty said...

Ah lucky girl :P hope you have loads of fun! BTW, do you have an e-mail or something for people to reach you at?