Saturday, 22 November 2008

more on embryolisse

I promised to write a small review on my personal experience with Embryolisse Lait creme concentré this week, so here it is.

This cream seems to be big news. I even found it being promoted in Jessica (a Chinese teen-magazine? correct me if I am wrong,

But, does it live up to its cult on and find out...
I have been trying Embryolisse for a couple of weeks. First I mixed it with my other lotions and potions, but then I decided that I wanted to know what kind of job the product does on its own. So I used it as a day and night-cream, without the usual serums, skinoils, etc.
The first thing to notice when applying the cream is the scent. I am not too enthousiastic about the scent, even if it is light enough and dissapears after a couple of minutes. I love the fact when skin-products have a nice or neutral scent, so it a pleasant experience to apply. However, as I mentioned before, the scent dissapears in a minute or so.

The texture is a milky cream. Quite soft and smooth. When I apply this to my face, it gets absorbed partly, it leaves a bit of a moist cast that dissapears in half an our, or if I am impatient I powder it away. I think this is the shea butter that is one of the main ingredients of the cream....
Talking about ingredients, I scanned the ingredient list that was included with the cream. Mmm, you can see that I am not too mad about the parabens in the cream. I am not extremely afraid of parabens, nor do I feel completely safe using them. The vote is still undecided if parabens are harmful or not. However, I don't think that they are necessary in any product anymore, as there are so many alternatives on the market.
Did I like the cream. Well, yes...It is not a miracle cream: it did not blast away all my dry patches on my face, nor did my wrinkles dissapear instantly. But it was quite an effective cream considering that it was my only tool for the testing days. My dry patches did not agraviate even though the weather has become much colder lately (which causes my skin to play tricks on me, boohoo).
When I started to change my routine after the testing period, I found my skin to become a bit dryer...I cannot say if this is from the change of skincare (the period my skin has to re-adjust again), the even colder weather or otherwise. It is quite difficult to pinpoint the thing that makes your skin react.

Would I buy this again...mmm, not sure yet. I am still not sold on the scent and the parabens. On the other hand, the simplicity of this cream works...and sometimes all your skin need is lots of moisture.

However, I am more fond of my semi-organic/natural skincare, as I enjoy the scent and the ingredients are much better. I think that organic and natural skincare has evolved the last couple of years.

  • cheap (if you know were to find it)

  • simple and effective (good for teens who do not need all the extra stuff yet)

  • good moisturizing proprieties

  • large amount

  • tube form (more hygienic than a jar)

  • cult status of the product (showing off to your friends, etc ;p)

  • suitable for dry, dehydrated, normal, combination/dry skin

  • not easily available

  • not suitable for oily skin or oily t-zone

  • scent

  • lacks sunscreen

  • lacks newer generation anti-aging ingredients


killingxspree said...
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killingxspree said...

Lacks sunscreen?
Perhaps the sunscreen scare has only been running in australia, but if you're concerned about parabens, then you need to consider the safety of chemical sunscreens too.

Im currently using graftobian oxyderm moisturizer. no parabens. you can get a 4$ sample from camerareadycosmetics. If you are looking for a recommendation or new moisturizer.