Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Alexis Smart Wholehearted Remedy: a Sad Bunny Soother

I talk a lot about beauty, duh...beautyblogger. But if we go to "Happiest Girls are the Prettiest" (Audrey Hepburn), I have been lacking lately on the field of happiness.

Enter: Alexis Smart Wholehearted Remedy

I have been trying, and liking, Alexis Smart Beauty Formula no. 8 before (here). This time, I would go beyond the superfical to soothe my sadness.

So why the sadness? That is a very long story but to make it less complicated and more beauty related: necessary hairtrims.

The longer story: A couple of years ago I have lost my mother to cancer. I really held on to the hair that she touched and caressed for the last time. My hair was healthy and was able to grow a lot. My longest length was towards my booty.
Over the last 3 years I have been doing regular trims, with a sad heart every time as I would loose more of my 'mother's touched hair'. Eventually, I probably trimmed all of this hair. But symbolically, I felt more connected to my mother for still having long hair.
Then I made it blonder, so I looked more like my mother used to do. Something soothing about having the pale locks like my mother used to have. But this did not do the quality of my hair any favours either...
the ingredients to soothe a Sad Bunny? Perhaps...

So people who say "it's just hair"...It often never is "just" for a woman.

Well, you know my blog and if you find my tag 'Hair' you will find all types of products I tried to keep it healthy.

But my sadness goes further that this too, but it is a large part of it.

So I needed a Fairy Godmother or such:

USING Alexis Smart Wholehearted:

Wholehearted works like most flower remedies: take a couple of drops a day under the tongue. In Wholehearted's care: four times. 

Four drops a day keeps the sadness away (?)


Since I have been going to University again, I had to go by train. It was emotionally so exhausting seeing various women with really long hair that sometimes I started crying for the whole train-ride. 

What a wonderful impression, right, when you still have to listen and look representative during lectures.

After a month I feel I can cope a bit better. Somehow my inner voice seems to filter things a bit better and things that were absolutely awful and intolerable can still feel bad, but I can keep a better control over the crying and other sadness-related emotions.
not quite yet, but soonish...

That does not mean I am there yet. I still need something more than drops: the occasional empathetic talk or a bit of sympathy. I could use a nice hairdresser too, but I guess that would be a case of intuition, some good references and a bit of Fairy Bunny luck.

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