Monday, 8 December 2014

The Affordable Jasmine: May Lindstrom The Jasmine Garden vs Taaj Paris Rasayana Rose & Jasmine

Lately I noticed that everyone slightly beautyblogger is venturing organic. That includes an intense stream of hypes around certain products, reading claims about products being "best thing ever". It's kinda fun when you search for the tag reading such a post, and check if the reviewer has been giving out such 'lifechanging' claims before. Or everything is "best thing ever" until the "next thing ever"?

Yeh, I'm taking my reviews with a pinch of salt but I had been quite curious about May Lindstrom The Jasmine Garden. Instead I bought myself The Parisian Taaj Rasayana Rose & Jasmine Face mist first. I mean, I like spending on beauty, but a €60 on a facial mist is just way too much for me. When Cultbeauty had this gorgeous GWP deal, zeeee May Lindstrom Jasmine Garden, I caved.

Best Price: Taaj
Taaj is € 9 online whereas May Lindstrom is € 60. 
Also, price per value: Taaj is 200 ml & May Lindstrom 100 ml

Best Ingredients: depends

Ingedients are a personal matter and what works for some, might not work for others. Both brands have certified organic ingredients: Taaj mentions it is 99% and May Lindstrom gave its certified ingredients a *: but did you notice the Theobroma Cacao did not get a * for being a Certified Organic Ingredient?

In that case, Taaj is slightly more transparent:

Then there is the debate of using Jasmine extract (May Lindstrom) or Jasmine Oil (Taaj). May Lindstrom included silver (Argentum Metallic) quite high in the ingredient list, which is claimed to be the next best thing. On the other team, Taaj included Rosa Damascena oil which has already been proven variously to be a potent anti-ageing ingredient.

Personally, I like that Taaj kept its ingredients simple: less ingredients, less chance of irritations. Also, I really like Rose as an ingredient: it smells so nice & soothing. Initially, I liked the cacao note in May Lindstrom but I noticed it won't agree with me on sensitive [skin]days.

Packaging: May Lindstrom (but Taaj for convenience)

May Lindstrom has a beautiful but heavier glass bottle that is recycable.  Taaj comes in a plastic, blue bottle: perhaps not the most environmentally friendly option but honestly, it does travel slightly lighter.

The Story: May Lindstrom (but Taaj if you don't like exaggerating)

For that bit of escapism, we do like a good story with our skincare.

Taaj offer us Himalaya water and has also been one of the first with Ayuveda skincare:

May Lindstrom has gone the extra mile by giving us such gorgeous descriptions and rituals that it will be like getting even closer to heaven than Himalaya water:

Then you'd pay for those wordly ticklings as well.

I still think skincare is a personal experience. Even more when you bring scent, essential oils and face sprays into the game: those steps are more ritual than actual skin-improving methods (though they still have an effect on skin). 

I would not have paid full price for May Lindstrom the Jasmine Garden. Something in that spray does not agree with my skin when it has a sensitive moment. I think it is the cacao. My skin does agree with Taaj Rasayana Rose & Jasmine and I love the mixture of Jasmine & Rose. 

Taaj Rose & Jasmine is available at (checking out is quite easy) & May Lindstrom The Jasmine Garden is available at, and various other etailers.

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