Monday, 11 August 2014

Marc Jacobs Eyecon Palette 7 in Dreamer

Last week I showed you my latest palette, only as a teaser. Today I'm gonna swatch my Marc Jacobs Eyecon in Dreamer.

Marc Jacobs' Eyecon palettes have gotten some mixed reviews. The case was supposed to be not that luxe, the eyeshadows were not as good as ...[fill in a good name]...

I still bought this palette and basically for the gorgeous mix of sunset colours. There was also this mustard-y colour which was still golden enough not to mix with pickles or hotdogs...

But before swatching, I'll show you the pleasure of a new palette layout:

Now the joyous experience of feeling 'back to school' has passed a bit, let's check the content:

Earlier reviews told me that there would be a mirror, and no brush. I don't mind the absence of a eyeshadow brush, as I prefer my Suqqu or my Hakuhodo ones anyway. Often the brush with a palette is not that fancy, but there are exceptions, ofcourse.

As for the colours inside, MJ has the simplicity of the numbering system. So you can make up your own names like 'sizzling sunset', 'almost sex at the beach but he had BO' or 'I tripped over a coconut'  kind of names:

For your reading sake, I'll keep to Marc J.'s one to seven:

Swatches: shadow

This set of swatches has been photographed in sunlight:

 My base is Kose Addiction Dewy Glow Foundation in 2 Madeleine: it might be that it expired because I think it looks a bit pasty on my arm. In my earlier review (here) it looked a lot glowier.

Now I have to describe colours, which is not really my thing.
1. A slightly ashy vanilla with a micro-glow, not entirely matte
2. A neutral to slightly warm gold with a gorgeous lustre
3. This one is more glowy than on my photos: coconut & banana with a lovely glow. Perhaps my latest favourite highlighter colour now I have a bit of a faux-tan
4. A charcoal dark, also with microglow and not entirely matte
5. Peach with milk: it reminds me of Rouge Bunny Rouge Bashful Flamingo
6. Glowy peach, similar to D&G Quad Stromboli (the peach colour)
7. YES, mr Mustard is all I want him to be! So unlike my other mustardy colours. It's a burnished gold with a tiny hint of green. I think it lights up different in different kind of light: see the 2 different swatches.

  • the pigment in on the sheer to medium side. A good primer helps to make it vivid let it last for 9 hrs 
  • I personally love the colour blend and think they are so Summer-adequate
  • The charcoal dark is a bit off IMO. I think it would be too stark for shading with the softer other colours.
  •  The case is sturdy enough without being heavy. I'm sorry to contradict the other reviewers but a lot of so-called stronger cases will have their flaws too and Urban Decay is made from almost carton
  • So I think it's a pretty and sleek case so perfect for travelling/around and the 'pencil' protection case is another extra protection that looks elegant.
  • It's on the expensive side

 A palette can be a personal hit based on some personal preferences. Or, I'm a happy a husky-voiced tune to conclude:


Sharlynn Ng said...

Omg...I LOVE shades 5,6 and 7! I personally probably wouldn't pick this palette up because I like more medium shades but I totally love the mustard shade too!

tania said...

Mr mustard is lovely!
I personally like combination of 5-6-7 but not the entire palette..

Bijin Blair said...

I didn't expect 7 to have so much depth! I thought it was a straight up Mustard and was quite scared of it when I saw pictures of it in the pan. I need to give Dreamer a look when I stop by Sephora!

Aamna khan said...

OMG its a must have !!!