Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Show me your Marbles...

A week ago I received my 1st Sephora haul...Ofcourse, L.O.V.E...Some highly unaccessible brands like Tarte are finally within my reach.

I also added the Becca Beachtint in Raspberry, which got me into looking at my other marbles (=marbled blushes).
Somehow, like primary school, it feels like showing your marbles before playing a game.

1. Clio ArtBlusher in Light Brown 3: I purchased some of these minerals in 2009 and forgot about these.
2. New Cid Cosmetic Glow Mini in Sirocco
I received 2 of these Mini's as a GWP. In fact, they're both gorgeous colours, longlasting and travel friendly
3. Terra Del Sol No 4:
Once hunted these down at the German Douglas based on rave reviews. Sometimes the chase is better than the catch because I cannot remember using this one
4. Banila Co de la Couture Face blusher:
Korean know how to do BB balms but they also had a good selection of marbled blushers going on.
5. My other New Cid Cosmetic Glow mini: in Coral Crush
6. Prorance Finish Water glow in M16:
Korean & from Gmarket
7. Stila Cheek Duo in Pink Glow
8. YES, my newbie Becca Beachtint Souffle in Watermelon that spurred on the marble-post.
9. My other Clio Artblush in 2 Pink
10. Lioelle Marbling Blusher: Guess from which country? Yes??
11. SkinFood All over Muffin Cake Finish: The Koreans probably think that girls wanna smear cakemix over their face...but it makes a sweet glow for sure.

And, unlike the glassy marbtles of our youth, we can swatch these:
1. Clio ArtBlusher in Light Brown 3: Sometimes Marbles are Matte! And this colour looks like the perfect matte bronzer/shader.
 2. New Cid Cosmetic Glow Mini in Sirocco: A glowy highlighter with peach undertones
 3. Terra Del Sol No 4: Sweet, I
 4. Banila Co de la Couture Face blusher: A golden peach
 5. New Cid Cosmetic Glow mini: Sort of NARS Deep Throat dupe without the glitter
 photo aae3d73c-c49f-4920-ae79-e2797e469a3f.jpg
 6. Prorance Finish Water glow in M16: This colour has a slightly frosty finish in a warmer pink (peachy) glow
 7. Stila Cheek Duo in Pink Glow: Both shades are more traditional blush than mineralized finish. In both cases, they hint towards coolness with the top shade slightly bubblegum & the bottom Raspberry
 8. Becca Beachtint Souffle in Raspberry is both longlasting, well-blending and in that perfect shade of fruity pink that hints towards berry-ness.
 9.  Clio Artblush in 2 Pink: WOWZA, how did I forget about this one. A deeper pink-berry.
10. Lioelle Marbling Blusher: The funny thing about Marbled blush is that you cannot always forsee the outcome being swached. This one is highlighter whitish pink with a slight frost.
 11. SkinFood All over Muffin Cake Finish: Slightly warmer/peachier highlighter hue than Lioelle and probably a lovely blush on N 15-20 skin.

 photo 64ad2bb1-0553-4317-adbb-06ef77c1d08f.jpg

It's good to know that I had no dupe for my new Becca Beachtint Souffle (no 8). I'm also happy to rediscovered some old new vintage marbles around.
More detailed review of:Clio ARTblusher in 03 Brown

So what have you been rediscovering lately?

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Sharlynn Ng said...

Omg, I'm so jealous of some of your pieces! I love marbleized products but own very few. I think I only have like 5 marbleized blushes but I would love more! I've been rediscovering single eyeshadows in my collection recently!