Saturday, 5 April 2014

Cell-ing Out! How did my Vichy Cellu Destox Expert preform?

Another one from my Resolutions '14 list has been rolling around, or cell-ing out the fat-cells of my legs and other feminine curves. (see here)

 I'm sporadically on anti-cellulite potions: not because they work the wonders they claim to do, but just to get it a bit tighter and to speed up your post-workout circulation and it's detoxing flow.

Well, I just finished it after 3 months so I haven't been too consistent in using it. 

For honest reasons:
  1. no boycrush: call me a hypocrite but somehow the prospect of getting toned for someone else is a bit more motivating than for yer-own-mirror-reflexion. And other girls? Ack, we all know we have lumps-n-bumps so that's about it.
  2. No bikini-opportunity: Ok, that's the time I DO work out for other women as well, because there's always that bit of competition on the beach and I do not want to be the flabbiest one around in my teeny. As for men, they are often happy to see woman under a certain age in a bikini: so for the random guy being the voyeur, neither the effort worthy ;)
  3. For the blog/research: oh heck, you guys prefer to read about more exiting eyeshadows than yer-old-boring-cellulite-lotion, right?
Then again, I've been using it consistently for 2 weeks and I did have some results into getting bits a bit more toned.

1. the Roller-ball thingy
Yes, you can have your vigorous roller-action when you cannot be bothered working your hands around too much. Ehm, that sounds somewhat like another device too?
2. Effective Caffeine 5%
Perhaps not as potent as my previous 10% Llerac (here), but strong enough to get those fat-cells celling out a bit easier...aka detox a bit faster.

3. Extraterrestal Blobs:
Read the full story why...[ok, just kidding]

I really liked this anti-cellulite lotion: The rollerball effect helps to get a more effective massage that aids the formula, and feels kinda nice after you've been working out. I'm gonna repurchase if I'm not too curious for other anti-cellulite creams.

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Beauty Buzz Daily said...

Boy, it looks like you really massacred the product! In my books, a product that deserves to be destroyed like that means it's got something going.

The metallic balls and green goo looks like alien life form but hey, if it works...