Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Organic Skincare Trend: #black 'n #minimalistic

This will probably be under the 1st World-problems tag: someone discussing her heap of skincare being #so-prettily-bottled-but-quite-difficult-to-distinguish...[Pjew, long tag]

That explains the hashtag in the middle: Organic skincare seems to have a certain trend into packaging:

 All of them have black labels, mostly white lettering (De Mamiel in Spring green) and looking sleek and minimalistic.

Let's list them up: 

  • The Little Alchemist Pineapple & Zeolite Micro Polish is a wholesome scrub.
  • De Mamiel Spring Oil is for the face, specialised for springtime
  • Kahina Brightening Serum is really a serum without oil, and it actually lightens hyperpigmentation.
  • The Little Alchemist Ultra Radiance Serum. I haven't used it that much yet.
  • French Girl Organics Rose Noir Cleansing Oil. I honestly have to get used to organic cleansing oils knowing the Japanese versions: the Japanese lather/foam and these stay oily.
I think it looks really polished, but sometimes I have a bit of problem when I reach for one in my shaded cabinet: the labels help ofcourse.

I wonder how this trend started as quite some different brands from different countries do this right now. A possible reason: a darker bottle protects ingredients of faster perishable products better. Most organic brands do no use the chemical stabilizers as the non-organic counterparts. However, there is dark blue and dark green too, or an opaque white (other colour) bottle. 

So somehow I think it's a kind of trend these days.


Jenni said...

black bottles haven't found their ways to my bathroom YET ;) but i remain intrigued after reading your post...

birkinbagbeauty said...

:) , when I started writing after I made the photos I noticed it could come across a bit "double meaning". Still, I would have noticed the same if all were purple so I still posted it. Then I worried about being discriminating so I tried to keep my text neutral...pjew, it's good skincare in whatever colour :)