Friday, 7 March 2014

Kose Addiction Eivissa Dream eyeshadow in 075 Private Beach

Blossoming flowers, and some might already be thinking about sand between their toes for the upcoming summer.

Talking about sandy beaches...doesn't this one above look like it???

So yeh, Kose Addiction by Ayako has already been fully immersed into the summer theme of the Party Island pur sang: Ibiza, or Eivissa in its own language. It seems like they'll keep this theme for Summer '14 as well with the Es Paradis line (source: rougedeluxe): There will be cheeksticks again, but for now let's focus on the spring-range.
I already ventured upon eyeshadow "Meeting at Dome" [here] which turned out to be a pleasantly fun surprise. 
I like the name: I normally would steer away from meeting people at dawn: It's actually one of the most beautiful times of the day but my waking-up face needs mucho serum  to see the light of day. Unless I've been up all night: sometimes I wonder why they call it beautysleep as staying up could keep you kinda pretty [or were the others more intoxicated to see you as pretty? Ehm, long time ago].

Did you guys know that San Diego has a beach that is made up from tiny mica particles:
source: here
As for the eyeshadow colour [disgressing who?]: 'Meeting at Dome' was cooler than expected, and my craving for something warm and mushroomy/taupy lead me to Private Beach.
I'll show the box for the ones unfamiliar with Addiction by Ayako. Ayako the makeupartist used to work for NARS: the sleekness of the package and lettering is something she brought to her own brand.

The colour is indeed a taupy mushroom. It sounds boring but then I'll show the my first swatch from a sideway angle:

My booboo is to start comparing at first sight, but that will keep the focus on the texture. So it's indeed a sandy beach texture with a gorgeous sparkle on top. I've compared it with the Charlotte Tilbury Golden Goddess shade no 2: Enhance to show how it differs.

Then again, the type of sparkle reminds me of Charlotte Tilbury's 3rd type of eyeshadow: the Pop-colour. So let's bring that one in even if the colours do not compare at all:


In theory, the glow-factor is similar to Charlotte Tilbury's POP shade, but I think Addiction has a tad more sparkle that somewhat layers differently. I'm slightly out of my cosmetic vernacular of to define it as sparkle overlayer or shimmer...Mmmm, but it is different, though.

So after all this elaborate textural comparing...Let me define the colour: It is indeed a warmer colour and it seems to be one of those generically available mushroomy colours out there. But as shown (too much? Never too much for a beauty blog), it's far from standard. The cooler shimmer/sparkle/shimbarkle actually makes the eyeshadow appear the water still present on the sand at the shore.

It's an interesting colour on its own. The colour scheme of neutralness, warm and cool makes it wonderful for mixing with other palettes. Charlotte Tilbury already likes a party in her palettes (disco makeup-tips? Woot!) so it's perfectly mixable with Addiction Eivissa! And not just on the side: Addiction Private Beach makes a gorgeous shade for layering. I've been layering it over my matte Rouge Bunny Rouge Blackpepper Jay: that shady wallflower goes from working horse to total attention queen. Ok, a visibly glowy shade.

As usual from Addiction's genius creations: without primer for about 6 hrs before fading. With a primer: depends on the primer but long after the next dawn.

Yes, it's not the cheapest one for about €21 but I think it's not too ridiculously expensive either compared to the likes of Dior or Chanel.

A hot neutral that can party around with a variety of others or make a daytime makeup more fun.


Sharlynn Ng said...

Its really quite a beautiful smouldering taupe shimmery shade. I love it, it's not cheap but it's so luxe. My best friend is sending me some addiction make up, I can't wait to get it!

birkinbagbeauty said...

Hi Sharlynn, yes it's quite sparkly: almost a layer colour and it actually stayed on for 10 hrs without primer. I hope you'll enjoy your Addiction swap present :)