Saturday, 15 February 2014

The sad story behind this Glamglow

This Glamglow mask was supposed to be the NARS Voyeur eyepencil set:

Or in any case, witness the crappy service of Not only did they send me the wrong product (NARS Voyeur, where art thou?) but they have not responded at all after me sending visual proof of the wrong product being send: Highly Qrappy

I've already experienced Glamglow's mediocrity, but due to waiting in vain for HGhair to respond I totally missed the goodness of the NARS Voyeur set. So now I'm stuck with a mask I won't use (read Pink Sith about it) and miss out on  a couple of eyeliners I might never witness again...Just because I can't chase their butts around in the shop in London for neither responding nor refunding!

Ofcourse, never HG Hair again :(


Computergirl said...

That's awful. It's not even like it is a similar named product either. Hopefully they will respond soon and replace the product.

The Driveller Kate said...

I will never order from HQHair. I got my first grey hair years ago from LITERALLY chasing them down to their (old) London office after months of no response after a botched (expensive) order.
Shame to hear they are operating in the same way, even after a bankruptcy and re-launch.

Jenni said...

I would never ever buy from HQhair again, made three orders and NONE OF THEM CAME. They even sent me a notification email about sending the parcels with a wrong address on's either operated by dishonest people or people who can't read properly lol

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