Friday, 17 January 2014

A Sale Fave for the Cozy Candle Collection

Winter keeps most of us in the house so the house should be a comfortable place. I love using more candles during this period and to create a specific mood with a composition of fragance.

I had been quite curious about Timothy Dunn when I bought my Rituals candle (here). I was eager to buy it when it got on sale: I picked Mille Fleurs (a thousand flowers) as it's reminiscent of Bangkok's Flower Market and the plethora of  heady flowers being sold...

The composition is really flowery in a niche perfume manner: heady tuberose, a dainty 'white' note of lotus and some flowers I couldn't really sort out with my unpracticed nose. I think it evokes a spring-like mood. Winter has been soft and rather sunny so I expect the 'blue' of next monday to be a bit lighter. Adding the Thai flower-market scentual atmosphere it's simply a gorgeous first step towards spring...
I bought the Mille Fleurs candle on beautybay

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Jenni said...

I love keeping candles during winter inside the house! even though our climate is no way as cold as in EU :) am curious about the Rituals one when you blogged about it but haven't gathered the gut to order it LOL!