Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Kanebo Kate lash Maximizer Eyelash Plus base (vs older formula Kate Lash Base)

The Queen is dead: Long live the new Queen!


Let's read on...

Plump & lenght is what I needed: Or,  since I've been in post-eyelash-extension Limbo of really short eyelashes for a couple of weeks. 

Kate Mascara base (old version, shorter name) has been my saviour for the last time I went real-lashes again. Naturally I wanted to try out their newestestestest version too: Kate Lash Maximizer Eyelash Plus.

In the first place it was Tomato/Tomato: what's the difference?

Ahh, Fibers...Like fibers in my bread I actually think they can benefit the health looks of a person. But not all fibers have the same fiber-ness so let's discuss Kate's Eyelash Plus (New) for this.

The key to a good eyelash product with fiber is that they
  1. should adher right WITHOUT mid-day flaking
  2. should lenghten the lashes in a similar direction (no droopiness, and do not have a dirty mind over this remark)
  3. Not too long nor too short (or thick)
  4. No irritation from wearing them
  5. adher quite coherently to most lashes
And Kanebo Kate also added a version that has a black fiber on a whitish base: Brilliant.

Does it work (or do 1-5 apply?)

First I think the white base in both primers are exactly the same: that's a good think as I really like the formula to keep the curl, add length and thickness too.
  1. Yes, perhaps because of the white base or the mandatory normal mascara on top, but it stays (and I've been having crumbly fiber symptoms with MM Lash Meister, blah)
  2. Sorta, I pre-curl my lashes and it follows the upward movement, only with a tiny droop. Now you can say that I'm too perfectionist and nobody else would notice...but then I'm a beautyblogger so I do notice.
  3. Yes, quite miniscule that gives about 1 mm extra
  4. Irritant-free
  5. Somewhat, it misses some lashes and it is not that easy to focus on each lash because they are so miniscule. 
Do I prefer the new formula (with fibers) over the old?

Yes & No
The new formula with fibers does add more lenght than the older formula: For the time being I needed extra lenght to compensate for the eyelash-extension breakage. The lenght that the eyelashes give is not dramatic but just enough to have longer eyelashes. However, seen in step 1-5 I do not think the lashes give the most perfect extension as they are 1. slightly droopy and 2. do not adher to every single lash by themselves: and manipulating them by tweezer is almost impossible. 
Thus when my eyelashes are their original length again I prefer the older formula Kate lash base: The white formula is already quite lenghtening & thickening and keep the curl like no other base I encountered. Minus the possible irregularity of the fibers.

I will stick to the older formula when my lashes are their original length again, but it still makes a reasonable alternative to lengthen & plump your eyelashes when they are on the shorter side.

I bought both on Adambeauty: The new Lash Maximizer formula over here & the older lash base over here


Sharlynn Ng said...

I can totally understand how having black fiber bits makes it irregular, sometimes they just are too obvious or stick out instead of blending or adding on natural looking length! I've never used a lash base before but I know kate has great products! Thanks for sharing!

Kiki001 said...

Aahh I would love to see pictureswhen applied!