Sunday, 24 November 2013

Apivita Nature's Haircolor in 9.3 Vanilla: Colour me Natural

Natural hairdyes, how do they live up to the 'chemical' standard? 

 I've tried Apivita's version and this review will look (elaborately/ high pic.ect) upon my experience:
I have lost my hair-virginity this year by experimenting with some L'oreal ombre. After that I went into some softer highlights and later the hairdresser's highlights.

Still, my initial intention into going into haircolour again is to get a softer frame by a more tweeked colour that surrounds the face. I spend a lot of time on the best makeup-colour for my face, why not on the colour of the hairs that surround it?

Initially, I wanted to go by natural dyes. I gotten into the more chemical versions as they are easier to get my hands on, and honestly, more people have tested them. Now it was time to try them and see if they match up to the 'chemicals'.

After last holiday I noticed my highlights had gone too bright and I had to make quite an effort to get frequent roots done. OR, I could lowlight my hair on top and get the 'Victoria's secret' Balayage idea that almost everyone of their catalogue has-> Win/Win -> less effort and more of a Model-'do.
Besides of the hair/total prettiness/etc: Want turquoise sportsbra!
Now I wanted lighter ends. Before I had some occasional highlights in there:
I wanted to go from a colour that is in group 8 to a 9 (like the highlight next to the box).

Before reviewing further I want to say I didn't do a full head of hair for the 1st time, only some strands at various places (bottom-hair (colourscale 8) and top (colourscale 7). I prefer to test out before I experiment: even if it cost me a package of dye, I prefer it than to do a full head and have the wrong colour that has to be expensively corrected by a professional colourist.


The Steps:

The total content of the box:

1. The haircolour cream in the tube
2. The developer in the bottle (ofcourse, mix 'n shake with 1)
3. The after treatment
4. Gloves: I go for my own hairdresser's gloves in a sturdy latex:
my own professional hairdresser's gloves
5. Instructions:
Quite similar as the 'regular' hairdyes.


In process: the application-fluid looked brown which gotten me slightly worried if they had put the wrong colour in the box. When rising out I did see some lightening.
Scent: sweetened artificial honey with some flower extract (still smell some typical developer element but faint)
Feel:  Non-stingy on the scalp.
Effect: It did a bit of brightening on the bottom (colour 8) of my hair but not the complete 9-vanilla colour as on the box, slightly more ashy. The box promised a colour-change for type 7 hairs as well, which I didn't really see
hairdye's promise
After Feel: My ends felt slightly dryer which might have to do I done 10 minutes more as I couldn't see any colour-change through the brown dye mid-process.
Any more remarks: The aftertreat sachet is really too small: I don't really have that much hair and it only could cover a bit of hair.
And?: Right now I prefer Phytocolor for a glossier and more obvious colour effect on the hair.


Apvita Nature's Haircolour is a natural and non-irritant way to lighten your haircolour by 1 tint maximum.

On the Apivita site for €15.80 and the UK-ers can buy it at Marks & Spencer.

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Olivia J said...

This looks interesting! I never knew Apivita made haircolor products. I have tried their skincare line and found them to be outstanding. Now, I am curious about this since I am a haircolor addict! I will have to see if this is available in the US.