Monday, 19 August 2013

Palet-tific NARS: Ride Up to the Moon

Once in a blue moon I get enthousiastic about a palet.

I didn't expected it to be NARS but the combination of colours, size and name got me:
These are the kind of facebook messages nobody dares to respond upon until the first one starts, and the rest follows. Also, it might be mysterious why I would connect it to dancing, and what he heck are moons? 

Well, my dears...once upon a peach moon [Isolde] I discussed that my lack of cleavage curviness is being well compensated by my anti-cellulite-potioned  booty. Hence, the moons refering to everything that is feminine, aka the yin/yang of the sun/moon dictomy or the fact that I still have some cellulite?

Then again, I had a friend who convinced me to go out dancing:
You guess, we met some friendly-cute guys, we danced with them...people dance closely these days so there goes the reference to the palette's name. Nothing really naughty, actually.

Palettes often last longer than the average 'dance-soiree' at friday or saturday-night so here is mine:
The size of the palette is something of a smaller wallet:

The colours inside are stunning:

Mind that I do not have too many NARS eyeshadows so this composition has a lot of colours I do not have yet. The mixture of neutral and nature-like colours are exactly what I crave at this time being and I have been quite amazed by the quality of the eyeshadows, which are better than the average duo of NARS that I have:

In general, I am over the moon with this palette and it will be a cute 'n attractive accompany during travel and at home. 

I am considering to follow up with 'Fairy's Kiss', but I wasn't too enthousiastic about another set of burples, purples, and mauves but for €37 and the quality of the eyeshadows I might change my mind.


Neeraj Navare said...

That's indeed a beautiful palette.

Citrine said...

The pun never register to me until you mentioned it (the same thing with Clinique's "Chubby Stick"...I remember watching Essie Button chuckled and said "I don't have my Chubby Stick...Behave...") and then I can never say that with a straight face anymore.