Thursday, 18 July 2013

blogging & numbers

Vanity - Auguste Toulmouche

I was stalling posting anything for the blog for superstitious reasons...I have posted quite some here, so I ended up with a not-so fantastic number.

So, a gorgeous piece of art to get me going again and a image that most of us would love to have: being happy with your mirror-reflection. Though she's quite happy with it...see also Madonna's video Forbidden Love:

So that has been a while since I posted a video on this blog...
What is Madonna doing these days, btw, besides having toddler boyfriends?

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Bellyhead said...

are you at 666 posts?! agh! Best to quickly post and get out of the way of Satan, me thinks. ;)
I adore vintage Madonna. 80's Madonna is a goddess.