Sunday, 16 June 2013

Using, Used, Gonna Use...

Summer is almost here and I begin to enjoy colours again.

 So the products of the "used, using...gonna use" is finally more than just skincare:
 *Givenchy Le Rouge lipstick in Rouge Boudoir 204*
 This lipstick is bright and happy enough to pair up with a bit of (fake) tan and not too extreme for the lipstick-shy like I am. The moisture factor is not as dewy as Chanel but I actually like its resistance better for warmer weather.

*Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist sample I got in this set*
 It feels refreshing on the skin, but I was dissapointed in the misting effect: it's a pump instead of an aerosol mister. A pump might be friendlier for the environment but I prefer a thinner, aerosol-based spray instead of the slightly bigger drops you get from a pump. Also, for its price I consider it not that much better than earlier mists I tried.

*By Terry Rose de Rose Sheer Liquid blush in 03 Amber Rose*
 It is not fully finished but I have it since 2010 so I think it's due. As you can see, it is a blush lovingly used: it really needs a tiny drop for a gorgeous flush and I used lots of drops...I would absolutely repurchase but it's not for sale in Holland anymore.

Gonna Use:
* Kiko Colour Block in 04 Fierce Violet*
 Yes, I got into a Kiko shop again and fell in love with the vividness of Fierce Violet. First, It was hand-testing...then I decided to test it on my eyes, went into really warm weather, and after 9 hours it still was budgeproof and vivid!
Normally I sheer away from reallllly brights for my eyes but I totally love this sort of purple.


Bellyhead said...

oh mah gah! That Violet Kiko looks incredible.

Sharlynn said...

I really really want some kiko products! I too am finishing products recently!