Friday, 3 May 2013

French Haul

A couple of weeks ago I was in Paris and I got some cute things...
 There is no way you can go to Paris and skip on the best Macarons in the world: Laduree.

And I went for the special edition of Les Marquis, only sold by the shop at 14 rue de Castiglione.
how could I resist this shopwindow?
Ofcourse, I digested one of them with my cute-as-a-button tea-set from La Chaise Longue
 To add, some funky candles from cultshop Colette:
Also limited editions. Hurray!

*artistic (Basquiat & Keith Haring)
*Funny drawings
*limited Editions
*they smell quite good too
(the candles can also be found on their website)

I went to the Keith Haring exhibition and it was really lively, although you might question if it is really art (but that's often the question around art)

I finally bought the quintessential French Shoe, the ballerina: Repetto ofcourse.

Window Repetto Rue St. Honore (they have several shops in the city)
A shoe that really looks like a ballerina shoe makes you feel like a little girl again.
 Talking about feeling like a little girl, I couldn't resist Pink Panther:
For the grown-up girl in me: the Japanese Vogue (Holland hardly sell these anymore, they used to)

So Paris gave me a funky smile (and three eyes) as Mr. Haring is burning smilingly...
spreading heady florals around the room.

 Overal, a cute city with a taste for sweet decadence.


Nina said...

The Parisian Lady on your teacup is at Notre Dame, not Sacre Coeur.

birkinbagbeauty said...

oops, gonna correct that...