Monday, 22 April 2013

Tammy Felder Intensive Repair Cream

With creams I am never sure if they really help. However, sometimes I get my skin in a situation when I can really see what it does.
This has been the case with Tammy Felder Intensive Repair cream. I already had gotten in a slightly oversensitive winter-skin phase and I felt this little potion felt quite soothing on my skin. However, I still had some blotches and spotty parts on my face I couldn't pinpoint out if they would be worse or less if I stopped using this cream.

 I kinda stopped this cream during a springbreak citytrip (warmer area) and actually liked how my skin looked. Normally, my skin gets better during trips to warmer countries so I couldn't pinpoint down if that was due to using or not using the cream: my skin just feels better when I get medium warm weather.

The Real test was when I had to test it out for its real aim:

"healing post-operative and traumatized skin"

This would be a long story if I wouldn't make it more concise (and I will make it a long story in another post). I did a rather invasive peel that my skin didn't feel happy about: it reacted to the ingredients used and the given after-treatment as well.

Step in Tammy Fender Intensive Repair Cream:
For more information or a clearer list of the ingredients, see here.
This little potion has been that balmy soothingness on my flaking, bloating and generally upset post-peel skin

It contains my beloved Helichrysum (immortelle) that I have discussed frequently and have encountered in various products I have been quite enthousiastic about.

It is made of a yellowish and sorta syrupy consistency that turns into a gooyey facecream when being warmed against skin:
a breath of fresh air or the water that puts the fire out

The downside is that I am on my last bit of healing/soothing putty and it will take a while before it will land on my doorstep again.

In the meanwhile I still have some Avene Cicalfate that has been made with the same purpose of soothing smaller post-dermatologist treatments, but I like my organic & holistic blend a bit better.

You can buy it from the direct site or from cultbeauty (discount BEAUTY10 for £10 of <£70).

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