Sunday, 14 April 2013

Melvita Anti-Pollution Cleansing Mousse

Mmm, good marketing: an Anti-Pollution Cleanser...Especially when most of the inhabitant on this planet live in big, polluted cities.

I had finished the Melvita Micellar Cleansing water and I liked it a lot. I also wanted to replace my latest mousse cleanser after finding the chemical scent a bit too strong (Kanebo Naive).  I remembered liking my more natural Nuxe cleansing mousse and was willing to try another French Natural brand to see if they would be similar-> I went for the Melvita version.

Melvita has various stamps upon the box being Cosmetique Bio certified or being an Organic Cosmetic brand. I attach a certain value on this tag, as I find most Organic brands to be friendlier to my (often sensitive) skin. 

The first thing that I noticed that the bottle was quite small. My earlier Melvita Micellar Water was of a 200 ml bottle and my previous Nuxe 3 roses Mousse was a 150 ml. This 50 ml one is a baby.

However, that makes it travel-friendlier and that can be important too. Especially since a Mousse cleanser is impossible to decant into smaller travel bottles, right?


I think Blackcurrant water, Anise water and Olive extract are the most beneficial ingredients in here. I personally like the Moringa too: I've seen it in a Kerastase Elixir Ultime Moringa here and I know Kerastase does a ton of research before they claim an ingredient to be the most important!

I do not expect a lot of beneficial help from a cleanser, btw. Products that you rinse off do not need a really large dose of superingredients as they do not have the time (or properties) to absorb into the skin. However, some ingredients can help the soothing effect. Funnily, it is exactly the moment you notice this the most when you use a cleanser that has ingredients inside that your skin doesn't agree with.

Melvita Anti-Pollution Mousse is a soft mousse. It feels a bit watery, though, but I had a similar feel with the Nuxe 3 Roses Micellaire Mousse.

  • scent: a faint citrus (orangy) that is refreshing at mornings.
  • Cleansing: Soft but effective. In terms of hydratation I almost do not have to use moisturizer afterwards, but with the heating & cold weather I still need some.
  • Anti-pollution/Deep Cleansing? I had been experiencing more blackheads lately. The mousse does not remove blackheads by itself, only deep cleansing by peels/extraction/steam/masks will do, but after a deep cleanse I feel that there are fewer blackheads appearing when I use this mousse. 
  • Softening/Anti Ageing/Brightening? I bought this as a softer alternative for the Kose Naive or an alternative to my earlier Nuxe 3 Roses miscelaire and in both cases it is a softer cleanser that feels gentle on the skin. The cleanser does not claim to target anti-ageing or brightening, but includes ingredients such like blackcurrant has a high vitamine C level (brightening & anti-ageing) and anise (brightening).
 Small but effective in cleansing the skin in a soft but effective way.

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