Monday, 4 March 2013

Lotree haul:

A couple of days ago I blogged about my new Lotree haul. I will show you the items I got in the Lovely  Faceline set:
Lotree Crazy Orange is a cheek/liptint in a transparant but vivid colour of orange. It is not Lotree's first time making a cheektint. I still have their Cherry bling Liquid Rouge (see below):

They are not of similar opacity: The Cherry Bling is of a more opaque quality whereas the Crazy orange is a rather transparent colour: UPDATED: Lotree crazy orange actually shows up quite well when layering two thin layers.
I think I prefer the deeper opacity of the former Cherry Bling, but I still consider the Crazy orange to be a cute additional colour for the cheeks, for example when pairing up with my orange-toned Burberry Coral lipgloss.

I think the colour is too transparent and too gel-like for lips, but it has a Cool-aid sort of taste so if you do it, it will taste like children's lollipops (in orange).

Secondly, the Longlash Eye Tention Serum is aimed to make lashes grow naturally
My understanding of Korean is quite limited, but like the Latisse products and the other eyelash growth serum it is probably best to use it once a day when the lashes are free of mascara and other makeup. I will keep you updated and plan to look back on it in a couple of months.

The Lotree Moisture Skin Primer Pact in 23 is actually not a primer, but a post-er. Ehm, to be used after base foundation as a powder (according to this site)

It is formulated with licorice, mineral powder, amino acid derivatives and other powder essences, making it a gentle yet skincare-enhancing powder.

Blush, my fave item! The Rosa Davurica Cheek came in 3 colours: there was no explanation or colour swatch of what colour was what, so I randomly picked no 3.
secret layer containing mirror & brush

It turned out to be the bronzer-type colour: slightly flecked with glitter and in beautiful title pattern:

The glitter is not too noticable and the bronzer turns out rather subtle when layered with my NARS Yachiyo brush  (will make better skinswatch soon)
Lotree Davurica Cheek 3

Last, but not least...a creamy eyepencil in a beautiful navy/purple hybrid: Violet DarkBlue Gel Pencil Eyeliner
 I really loved the colour and the texture of the eyepencil:

Geeeh, the pigmentation of the blue/purple/violet sparkles is more of an overlayer on a black undercolour. That is not a big problem, if only the multicolour of violet/blue/sparkles would stay on consistently: now it fades in the end, making the pencil not really suitable for blending.

Conclusion: I really like this haul although it has some hits and some misses. The blush-that-is-bronzer has already been used a couple of times to warm up my skin & to shade where there should be cheekbones/thinner nose...So that one is a hit so far. I know I shouldn't blend my eyepencil if I want it to appear in that gorgeous multiflecked navy/purple with reddish sparkles. I have been ordering the finishing powder before and I know I like it. I cannot tell anything about the eyelash serum yet. As for the Crazy Orange cheekgel, that one is probably more gimmicky for me than it would be a regular staple, but sometimes a girl likes something frivolous to alternate in the makeup-routine.


mandy said...

I don't think I've ever seen a such a transparent gel tint before. Sad to hear it doesn't work well. It seemed like such an interesting product.
The blush..bronzer looks quite nice! Looks very natural from your swatch. I wonder how the other colors in the range are.

Sharlynn said...

Very interesting brand, I haven't seem it before, reminds me a bit of holika holika but the products are more inconsistent I think from your review. Hope you find a way to work with them or try them in a different way! I hate it when products that miss the mark!

Beauty Fashion Skin Care Blog - Girlie Blog Seattle said...

Yikes. Doesn't look like something I'd try. Especially if the liner runs like that. That's just sloppy.
Thanks for reviewing.
Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Chic Fashion

birkinbagbeauty said...

hi Mandy,

The geltint actually works well, only I have to do two thin layers of it.

Hi Sharlynn,
Thank you for your sympathy. Indeed, I was slightly dissapointed as I find Lotree to be so good throughout the years. But hey...