Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Casanera Immortelle Serum

After my first venture with Casanera Preziosa nightcream (here), I went for the Immortelle Serum.

The samples were just as generous  as the first order, supplying me with another GWP fab bodylotion in Clementine & a delicious bodywash.

The serum looks like one of those vintage bottles and is made of a porcelain-like glass. I love this look, as my very first skincare was in these type of bottles: so hello nostalgia!
The serum is from a different line than the Preziosa nightcream. Its key-ingredient has "immortelle" better to be translated as 'everlasting'. What a perfect name for something anti-ageing.  To see how "immortelle" or "helicrysum" works, see *here.*

French description from their website
They are not the first company working with Immortelle, Various organic & natural skincare ranges have discovered the regenerative properties of immortelle/helicrysum as well. The more reknown L'Occitane has a specific Immortelle range. Also, Tammy Fender Intensive Repair balm is fused with immortelle/helicrysum.

Full list of ingredients:

Freshness guaranteed with expiry date on the bottom of the jar:

The serum itself is like a true serum in consistency: thin, fluidy and of a milky appearance:

I have been using this potion for about 3 weeks:
  • anti-ageing effect short term? Yes! Immediate tightening of the skin after application
  • anti-ageing effect long term? I cannot fully tell after 3 weeks, but my skin looks tauter.
  • hydrating? Somewhat, the argan oil ingredient is hydrating but it's more for tightening/anti-ageing than a superhydrator for dry skin. Simply use a cream/oil afterwards like serums often need.
  • Consistency/texture: light, like a true serum
  • scent: quite strong...somewhat herbally and slightly like cat-biscuits
  • alone or with something else? I prefer a cream with spf in the morning & the Casanera Preziosa cream in the evening
  • Price: fairly pricy for 62.00 (excl shipping)

I like the effect of this organic product in tightening the skin, but my skin has gone to a supersensitive stage lately. I can only reach for the gentliest, most fragance-free products, so I had to put this one in the freezer. I will report on this when my skin gets more tolerant and I can use it again.

It's on the Casanera website (here) and they ship to most European countries.

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