Sunday, 6 January 2013

Mauve-ing into 2013

I have reached for a whole spectrum of mauves lately: holographic mauves, sparkly, matte, red-toned, pinkish and purplish...

Bottom exposure: (how cheeky)
Opi My Big Break | Opi Merryberry Mauve | MAC Violet Femme | Orly Minds Eye | Colour Club Uptown Girl

So have you been reaching for a particular nailpolish in the first week of 2013? Or were your nails on a break after high Nail-tenance Holiday season?


GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle said...

What a great post. The colors are so pretty. I have a soft spot for mauve in all shades.
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The Driveller Kate said...

Beautifully composed photos <3
I admit there's no coherence to my choices at the mo -- I'm just working through all the new polishes I got for Christmas :D

Sharlynn said...

Omgosh...I'm loving those shades! I'm not a red nail person but definitely into mauves and purplish shades. I love the first two OPI ones! I did mint green nails with an accent lighter mint green finished off by a coat of fine pale green glitter! That was what I had on the weekend before I removed it for school! ^^