Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Davines Alchemic Colour conditioner in Red

During autumn I always think I could be a gorgeous redhead but I never have the guts to take the real plunge. I have tried some colour-masks in the past, Christophe Robin Red was one of them, but they didn't make that much of a change. Enter Davines Alchemic colour conditoners: "Alchemic" sounds really promising.

The content of the jar looks like one of those Kool-Aid lemonade drinks that are widely available in the U.S, the Caribbean and Latin America too (?).

I always wonder why those drinks are so spiked with colourants whereas most Americans loved to be healthy and fit like their Hollywood starlets...then again, it's the contrast of the US and people have the right to drink their lemonade as colourful as they want.

To see how potent that is:

 Cool Aid lip stain from Paul Mitchell Academy and you can dye yarn with all Kool Aids (here)

What does this have to do with Davines? 

Oh, the colour it disposed on my hair was quite strong. That was something I really liked. On the other side, the colour was as chemically red as the what you saw in the jar.

I had Taylor Tomasi Hill- sorta red in my mind

 It didn't turn Rihanna-ish either but the colour was kinda too teenybopper for me!

It took about 4 session of shampooing to rinse the slightly cherry tone from my hair.

However, I loved how potent the colour-disposition is and might try another hue if I really want to see difference in colour.

As it is a hairmask I found the conditioning properties to be reasonable to good:


ame said...

I often use the Copper variant of this, and it's great. Since you have the red already, get a jar of the copper and maybe do a 50-50 mixture to tone the teeny bopper redness down a bit and make it slightly more orangy, and that might get you more into the TTH range! Not sure how long you left the red on your hair, that might also have made an impact. I usually don't leave the copper in more than 3 minutes.

birkinbagbeauty said...

Hi Ame,
Thanks so much. I totally love your haircolour on your profile picture so I'd absolutely will consider another hue.

ame said...

Sure thing!!

I most frequently use Ted Gibson Captivating Copper for my hair, and that is REALLY bright copper, so that's one to consider as well. :)

Another option available in the UK is the Revlon Professional Nutricolor Cream. It comes in copper and red, and you can mix those also. Those require the hair be colored already though, not virgin. Just so you are prepared.