Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Mid Weeklies:

I had my first Korean food:

This is something that in phonetic language would sound like dolsobibimbap and it was simply delicious.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Prexceed Hair serum with Honey

It's a bit of a hair-weekend on this blog!

Obviously, I finished up this serum a few weeks ago.  I did the Dutch Frugal thing and cut-open the tube to scrape the last bit of cream out.

It hasn't been my only in-between-washes moisturizing treatment: I mix the cream emollient of the Prexceed with one of my hairoils on a 50/50 ratio.

The Kerastase Elixir Ultime is my fave of the three. But I finally have a Shu Uemura Art for Hair product I actually LIKE: the Essence absolute! It's thicker than the Kerastase but still silicony enough for the necessary-to-smooth days.

I got a follow upper from the same Prexceed line: this one with Camillia

Funnily, I bought both on but if you know them and my blog than you know these products can dissapear into nowhere anytime. I could track down another one with Tsubaki Oil, and that one sounds good when this one runs out: I probably should buy it soon before that ones dissapears too??

Saturday, 23 June 2012

L'óreal Professionel Série Nature Mask with Macadamia

I got familiar with the L'óreal Professionel Serie expert line thanks to the many positive reviews on their intensive repair mask. That one is basically a cheaper version of the Kerastase Masquintense, and has a great cult-status these days.

So I wanted to venture further because they have really appealing products, and found not that many reviews online. That left space for me and my hair-curiosity to buy one of the masks from their Série Nature line. 

The Série nature line is a part of their Professionel line, only on a more natural base without parabens & silicones. 
from the Lóreal Professionel website
It still has some chemical-based elements inside and smells like one of those chemical cococted Macademia scents too: but it's a step forward to a more natural care.

clearly stated: No Parabens & Silicones
 The mask has a mid-creamy consistency that is neither runny nor really past-like:

  • I used it up and liked it. My hair is in a state of blah-dryness now and it helps to make it look slightly healthy until the next wash. Perhaps people who have dry/damaged hair know this too that after a wash & deep-condition the hair good until you have to wash it again: then the dryness seems to reappear.
  •  It smells ok: a bit chemical but still somewhat like macadamia.
  • I do not notice the lack of silicones as a positive thing: sometimes my hair needs silicones to appear to look healthy but it didn't need that and I think I prefer to stay without the silicones if my hair looks just as healthy without them, or perhaps even get healthier in the long run because real ingredients are used instead of masking silicones.
  • Long term: Not a real verdict yet. I used up the whole jar and switched to another L'óreal Professionel Mask Age Densiforce (against ageing hair...yes, now we have to take care of that too). I think I already prefer the Nature Mask with Macadamia, although the Age is quite ok too.
  • I love the price: it's around €12 if you order it online so that makes it about drugstore prices with a better value and quality.
Availability: It's for sale at feelunique for €16.38 and in the Netherlands it's available at

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Mid Weeklies

The Inner child:

Good, I'm a Disney mermaid now: she actually resembles me a bit: slanted eyes a preference for teal.

I got this cute link from this blog...where you can make yourself a Disney princess or other can even be a boy for a while! (here)

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Biotherm Skin Vivo Reversive Anti-Aging Expansive mask: A Non-Asian Sheetmask

A couple of months ago I received this Biotherm Skin Vivo Sheet Mask as a freebie after buying some goodies from Burberry Beauty.

I have tried my share of sheetmasks and brands, probably not as much as some of the beautybloggers I follow but I have tried the known & lesser known brands

Sheetmasks strike me as a typical Asian-brand product. Even when they market for the Caucasian market, such a SKII or Shiseido.

Biotherm is (I think) a French brand. So let me see how this one lived up to my, rather elaborate, experience in sheet-masks.

The instructions are quite clear: both in written and animated language.

Opening the package: quite the familiar formula:

I was surprised that it was quite wide: normally sheet-masks that target specifically for an Asian market will have a wider size, but this one sized up 9" at the largest part:

It also has the option for closing the eyes by the sheet and let you get fully rested (and moisturize the eyelids too)

  • It was reasonably moisturized, but not completely drenched as some sheetmasks can be
  • It didn't irritate my skin!
  • Thick enough: doesn't tear
  • It has a slightly scented base, but not hindering
  • I loved the after-effect: I didn't put any other nighttime-care after having this masks and I woke up quite fresh.
  • Anti-Ageing: not sure, as I only tried it once but my skin look fresher and slightly younger afterwards.

I think Biotherm took notes from the Asian brands and incorporated the instructions (Asian brands often use pictures/animations). I kind of have the feeling it is a bit of a copy from another brand: but they did a good job on it.
I would repurchase this if the price was similar to their Asian ones: I found a single one over here for $4 but I estimate the retail price will be more expensive around $25 for 10.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Eye Love 3

Kiss Me Heroine Make Smooth Eyeliner

I don't know if it's really the best but I reach for it a lot: the liner is thin but not too thin and the colour stays put for a long time.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Beginning Therapie: Roques O'Neil Discovery Set

Travel & discovery sets always have an alluring appeal on me. Perhaps in the name 'travel' or 'discovery', or perhaps the smaller sized products can be used in conjunction with each other.  Even if the discoveries and travels will be something in the far future, you can have that experience of travel in your bathroom with your dinky, little travel sizes.

The Roques O'Neil Therapie Discovery set is based on the wholistic effects of aromatherapy. Actually, aromatherapy isn't the 'socks-in-sandals', floaty, hippy treatment anymore: stores use fragance in order to let people browse longer and buy more products; scented candles are a modern (luxury) staple and who hasn't feel slightly uplifted eating or sniffing something with peppermint in it?

Michelle Roques O'Neil uses aromatherapy for treating all kinds of problems. She has been voted as one of the top 10 aromatherapists in the UK. She herself takes it a step further to call herself an Alchemist: something that creates an image of Harry Potter-esque wizard steaming up concoctions over a large steaming pot.

Her discovery set contains 5 products and are displayed in a beautiful and sturdy black box, embedded with orange sheets. It has something Buddhistic seeing this shade of orange. (this shade differs from the colour of the Dutch Soccer teams, which, has nothing holistic and buddhistic about it)

The inside of the box contains a description & ingredients of everything inside:

These are:
  • Himalayan Detox Salts
  • Restore Aura Spray
  • Equilibrium Bath & Shower Essence
  • Boost Hair & Body Wash
  • Cherish Skin Repair Serum (actually an oil)
I've started my therapy with the Himalayan Detox Salts:

Besides of the main ingredient, the salt, it has a refreshing but calming blend of the aromatherapeutic essences of Rosewood, Patchouli, Lavender, Juniperberry, Lemongrass, Grapefruit:
I really liked this bath and felt relaxed afterwards. I first thought it caused my body to sweat at night, but the second time I used it I had no sweating.

I already bought a jar of Himalayan salt based on the wonderful effect but not from this brand. The ones I bought are cheaper but not blended with the aromatic essences that makes the experience & after-effect so blissful. I am considering going for a large size of the Roques O'Neil for the occasional treatment.

I bought my discovery set at Cultbeauty over here.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Mid Weeklies

*The Swapper*

I returned to MakeupAlley after a couple of years of absence, and finally went 'swap' again. This beauty is an Edward Bess bronzing/blush quad in Monte Carlo ♥ that I received in a swap.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Vapour Cosmetics Illusionist: an Organic Concealer

I have been quite into sampling lately and when the opportunity arised to try out a new concealer from Organic Brand Vapour, I was happy to jump at the opportunity.

My skin has been (again) on a sensitive spell lately. Which brought me to the dilemma of covering up and (possibly) continue the irritation but look better, or go barefaced and show the spots.

Both not the best options, so I often opt for a organic concealer to minimize the change of (further) irritation as much as possible. 
Above you see my new Vapour sample and my current favourite Organic concealer RMS Beauty. I bought RMS beauty on the recommendation from Grace at LondonMakeupGirl.

I haven't had much luck with trying out the recommendations of the models/stars/etc but I often really enjoy the precise, accurate and elaborate reviews of the beautybloggers around, the excellent swatches of DrivelaboutFrivol, WorshipofBlues, theNonBlonde, Beautylookbook, PinkSith, LondonMakeupGirl and so many others who really test out products and apply it on real people seeing real results (not that the models, etc aren't real, but let's just say they have lucky genes and most stuff will work for them).

I wanted to compare the Vapour Illusionist with the RMS Uncover in 22 as the organic counterpart, but also with my two non-organic miracle cover-ups: Hourglass Hidden in Natural and Kevin Beautymaker in Light:

So here we go:

Swatches, before blending:

  • Vapour 020 is of a dryer texture than the other 3. 
  • It covers quite well. And even if it is dryer, I can use it around the eye area (although the creaminess of the others works a bit better)
  • Because of the non-creamy texture: it makes a good pimple/acne concealer
  • Vapour 020 is in the similar colour (depth) family as RMS 22, Hourglass Hidden Natural & Kevin Beautymaker light
  • It has a really slight pink/cooler undertone, but not that super-noticable compared to the others.
Swatches, About 3/4 blended:

  • the two Organic concealers: Vapour 020 & RMS 22, have a similar finish on the skin. Slightly velvet.
  • Hourglass Natural has the most creamy glow (somewhat concealer-like, thus better for the eye area)
  • Vapour 020 is a tad lighter than RMS 22.
  • Vapour 020 is listed as a colour for Fair to medium skin, but I would say light to Medium skin colour instead (light being a tone darker than fair)
  • Both Vapour & RMS have a neutral (neither warm nor cool) finish
  • Hourglass Hidden looks slightly pink compared to RMS & Vapour
Feel on skin:

Before Vapour Illusionist, I have been relying on RMS uncover for both cover and sometimes I apply it thinly as a foundation. RMS Uncover sometimes feels waxy on the skin, perhaps due to the amount of natural oils in it. I cannot use Vapour Illusionist as a foundation on itself because the texture is dryer (I could mix it with a emulsion) but it feels better on the skin when using it as a concealer: not waxy.


I'm quite happy I sampled the Vapour Illusionist as the non-waxy Organic alternative to RMS beauty Uncover. I think the colour would be too dark for fair skin, but is a reasonable match for light to light medium. It covers well without having that concealer-look. It suits better for covering pimples/acne/spots than to use as eye-concealer, but you can still use it well as an eye-concealer if your eye-area is not to dry.


I sampled my sample from for £1.00 but they're OOS right now. Americans can sample from their site here. A full size is available over here for £20.00 and comes in a stick-dispenser.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Claus Porto Soap Orange Amber 'Lelite', or, the OldFashionedly Soapy Clean

 I kind of stumbled upon this soap browsing in a Dutch Niche cosmetics store without really looking for it. I bought it because I felt like trying something retro that has worked for so many years. Honestly, solid soaps often have less chemical additives than their fluid counterparts.

 The niche-ness and the fragance won me over as well. Claus Porto Soap, or Sabonete Aromatica, is  "hand-made and triple-milled in Portugal, in the same manner of production for over 100 years. The "Aromatic composition", as seen above, is composed in France.

Nice to bunnies and other non-human creatures:

Enriched with shea and cocoa butter for an extra creamy lather to soften your skin as you wash". The Soapbar describes it as a "tangy smell of Sicilian oranges combined with the intensely sensual scent of amber makes this soap an incredible bath or shower experience".

I do not pick up on the amber, but the zesty orange blossoms is strongly present and that makes it a delight. It lingers for some time too: both on the body as in the shower.

On the softening properties: uhm, it's not ultra softening as some etailer-companies will have or some liquid soaps, but I do not think it dries out the skin. The lather is really oldschool and it's fun to use this for a change.

Grips on the backside to hold the soap more easily:


I really like this soap a lot and it smells fantastic if you enjoy Orange blossoms a lot (I do). It's wonderful for that retro feeling and getting that clean experience. Somewhat not too convenient is the way you have to dry the soap on a plate afterwards, but it looks beautiful and retro and it looks pretty displayed as well.

Available outside the Netherlands at and in the Netherlands this particular scent is probably only available in the brick-and-mortar Skins Cosmetics. Other scents/compositions are still available at their webshop.

Friday, 8 June 2012

Review: Shu Uemura Full Shimmer Illuminating Conditioner

This is one of these products I bought for
  1. my HG quest for intensively glossy hair
  2. the hype
  3. the fact I adore Shu Uemura's job on makeup products
  4. the "recommended by terribly succesful models" (That is Karlie Kloss in this case, see here)
Probably reasons enough to try this one, weren't it that:
  1. really expensive
  2. I hadn't had really fantastic results with Shu Uemura Art for Hair in the past

I took the 'stock-market'-mantra of "results made in the past do not guarantee similar results in the future" and bought a bottle after feelunique had a discount going on.

But talking about promises: What kind of promise does Shu Uemura make about the "future of my hair"?

1. For colour-treated hair
2. Illuminates
3. Essential contitioning to hair fiber
4. Musk rose oil
5. Optimal shine & glazed touch


A mix of the chemicals (mind the Parabens) & naturals. The Rosa Canina Fruit oil is probably the Musk Rose oil that has been promoted.

I talked about the cons that it is rather expensive. For that price you get a beautiful red bottle with a sophisticated dispenser: (so you do not spill too much of your pricy conditioner):

The conditioner: 

It's a thin condioner in a muddy peach/rosy colour. It smells divine, indeed, of a expensive rose perfume laced with musk.

How did it live up to it's promises?
l: my hair is actually not that colour treated, so I cannot really talk about the effects of that
2: Illuminates: yes, but not excessively more than conditioners such as John Frieda Smooth conditioner or Kose Salon
3: I don't feel it penetrates the hair fibre: not many hairmasks do, only the ones that have a good dose of Keratin or the ones with a high percentage of (natural) oils such as Argan Oil, Camilla Oil, Kukui Nut oil or even Almond Oil
4 : That element was already visible in the ingredients list and it really smells divine as an expensive rose perfume laced with musk. This scent doesn't really linger for a long time, unfortunately. Perhaps 2 hours after washing the hair.
5: I already discussed that in point 2. A good shine but not optimal or a lot better than other good & cheaper conditioners.


It's a beautiful conditioner that is on the thinner side. It does not smooth down the more-damaged ends of my hair that much, but has a glossy effect on the hair. It smells divine, but only for two hours tops after showering. It heightens the niche/luxury factor but it does not really outperform cheaper conditoners on the market.

Where to find?:

Find a hairdresser who works/sells this product on the ShuUemura Website, or you can buy it online at  and Promotional offers help to take of a bit of the high pricetag.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Eye Love 2

Fiberwig Mascara:

Of all my Asian and Western mascara this is not the most lengthening or thickening. However, it is the best when having a period of sensitive eyes or when travelling: only apply (luke)warm water and it dissolves in gummy clunks: no rubbing or pressing the eye with (even the gentlest) removers, just your warm water will do.

(also, a big pro above most Western mascaras: it is able to hold the curl in my stubbornly straight eyelashes)

Available at or

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Mid Weeklies

It's a fasinator fascinating world

(it's a reverence to the British Jubilee being celebrated last week and probably being shown all over the world)

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Eye Love...

I might have been buying some new French skincare products lately, but eye still love the Japanese brands the most for my eyes.

Clé de Peau Eyeshadow quad in 21 is a mix of glowy neutrals in a buttery soft texture. Perhaps a bit too soft, as you can see above (it crumbles too fast), but it translates in a beautiful lustre on the eyelids.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

By Killian Beyond Love Travelset

It was one of those days I kept that lingering feeling of desiring a wishlist perfume:  I was looking for By Killian's Love and Tears, but asked the SA for a recommendation based on my instant personality/looks/etc, and he said Beyond Love would fit me.

At first sniff I found it remarkably innocent and with a lot of powdery white flowers. I let it linger on my wrist and went away, questioning if I really looked that innocent and 'white flower' woman towards the salesman. It really reminded me of my mother's Nina Ricci Coeur Joie (white bottle).
But never judge a perfume on first sniff!!!

I noticed that as well when the perfume developed: the innocence of the white flowers was replaced by something naughtier, something more carnal. That alos makes sense when you look at the perfume ingredients: heady elements such as Jasmine, Tuberose, Coconut and Amber are not the most innocent in the team:

Luckyscents gets the description totally right, so I will let my feeble perfumista-describing-attempts to their professionalism:
the "catnip for humans" description totally got me!
They have 3 sorts of fragance types: masculine/unisex or feminine based. Hurray, the SA counted me into the feminine team (fragance-wise)

I basically went back for this fragance juxtaposition after a couple of weeks and enough spared points on my storecard:
"Perfume should be the essential in the excessive" Killian Hennessy
 Opening the travel set box is an extension of the decadent idea of buying By Killian perfume:

The travel-set holder is a sturdy type of carved material: not too heavy to tote around and a bit smaller than my Burberry lipstick. It feels absolutely beautiful to hold that black bottle in my hand and spritz it...

The day I bought the set I felt not too confident about love and about myself. I think I whined too much against the salesman when he explained the different fragances for their possible romantic/seductive purposes that I probably would not have a date in the next three years so the fragance should absolutely not be for dating/seducing purposes.
I think he took pity in me, and spoiled mewith six! generous sized samples of the Oeuvre Noir line: I got two vials of Love and Tears (my initial infatuation), another two of Prelude to Love (he probably assumes my dating chances are higher and on shorter notice than I do) and another two of Liaisons Dangereuses (he must think I have hidden seductive powers afterall? Or will need the help of the perfume if I would?)

But incredibly generous of the SA!

The official descriptions of the vials:

I bought mine at the Bijenkorf Rotterdam at the Skins department. Dutch people can visit their nearest Skins shop or online. Obviously, it is sold at Luckyscents (got to give them some credit after nicking their description). When you have the perfume mister, you can refill the mister with the same fragance after it's finished, or try another of By Killian's line. The travel set without the mister is about €45.