Sunday, 30 December 2012

Wishlist for 2013

Beauty-blog related wishlist I have for 2013:

1. Good Micro Lens for the Nikon DSLR
I'm not that happy with the micro-function of my camera right now...I hope a specified lens will help me to get the focus I used to get with my oldie Canon from 2009.

2. Fabulous Hair (better hair would do)
I actually didn't like most pictures when I googled "beautiful hair". But when I googled "fabulous hair" I found these two examples that would made my day if I had such trichomanian quality. Or, at least some better hair...I'm working on it.

3. Finding my Holy Grail Foundation
 I have plenty, however, I haven't gotten one close to HG status. I gotten the Creme de La Mer tested on me lately and loved the colour, but will I splurge on that one again? 

2013 will tell...

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GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle said...

Don't we all need a holy grail foundation. Good luck in 2013 and please let us know of your trials and errors.
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