Sunday, 5 August 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge Yumeko: the Summer favourites

I will join one of Yumeko's photo-challenges for the first time and tell about some specific summer-favourites of mine. Read about the original challenge on Yumeko's blog here:

1. First Base:- Base Makeup

1. Green People Sun Lotion SPF25 Medium (Edelweiss Extract) This 82% organic, *just* SPF 25 is blocking the sunrays quite well and it's whitening Edelweis Extract actually does something more. 2. Kiss Me Sunkiller Whitening Water SPF 50+. If I really want protection and keep my face light/N20-ish; I reach for Japanese sunblocks, period! 3. NARS Tinted foundation in St. Moritz (review). I almost HG-ed my new Koh Ren Doh 123 but this is a darker tint which makes up for the fact my sunblocks worked too well keeping me paler. 4. Kanebo Freshel BB MoistLife (review). City-protection! The easy route being quite protected & covered and having anti-ageing/other benefits. 5. Lotree Rosa Davurica Powder Pact 25 (review) My fave summer-powder on the road. 6. Giorgio Armani High Precision Retouch. Cover enough & handy enough for diminishing post seasalt-water redness.

2. Second Base -Point Makeup
2.a. The Cheeky chatters...

1. Shu Uemura Pulse. In summer I often reach for a colour that DrivellerKate would call a "platonic colour" because it's so innocent.  Corals are perfect for creating that "standard sweet-girl look" that I make extra generic with a (faux) tan and faux-or-real smile. And my darling platonic blush. ofcourse.
2. NARS with that name that shouldn't be mentioned... I told my friend I wouldn't pay for anything called that so I got it by trading for another blush. For it's unromantic/technical connotations with either the film or activity it's a beautiful platonic pinky-peach done right like NARS can. 
3. Bobbi Brown Pale Pink: I have no idea what's so pale about this pink because it's medium toned pink but I like it's cooler hue a lot.
4. Giorgio Armani bronzer in 01: There is absolutely no orangy colour in it which makes it better for neutral to cooler skintones: it applies sheer and suits lighter complexions.
5. DeliPlus Color Colerete Multicolor:These are quite cheap & handy from the Spanish supermarkets and I picked it up during my travels.

2B-Let the eyes & lips have it!

1& 2. Teals, aquas & turquoises....bring them on...let my eyes reflect all tropical oceans. (Lunasol reviewed).3. The unbulgable Mascaras! (review) Kiss Me Heroine Make Curl Impact & Frame is the Superqueen of staying put... The Dejavu Tiny Sniper gives that cute Twiggy underlash look for sultry-hot nights. 4. Kiko! Lots of their waterproof eyecrayons. 5 Gold! Eyes need Paul & Joe eyegloss in 01 and for lips I have a French Lipgloss from Gloss Frisson that adds warmth. 6. My slightly battered case of Guerlain Rouge Automatique in Chamade 164

Base 3: Sunshielding Accessories:
Hats, Topshop sunglasses & scarfs...All there!

Base 4: the un-pong-ers
Perfume-wise, I have been loving the Annick Goutale Nimfeo Mio for a couple of summers and this year's new love is L'Été En Douce.

5. Base 5: The Rest:
 1.Xen Tan Self Tan Extra Dark. My fave self tan for face is the Collistar one, but for the body I use this. 2. Shower stuff...I live on mini's and showers with warmer weather. 3. Getting Footsy: Foot-healing balms such as Alexandro Pedix is for making up to my feet when I'd put them in unsuitable shoes. The Chanel Mimosa '11 is for a fun summer pedi. 4. Organic post-beach care: Wearing a high-duty Japanese sunscreen needs a good cleansing balm to get everything off, otherwise it's pimple time: Suti is quite good at it. Pukka's firming Face oil  is so lovely for treating post-beach skin.5. Rohto eyedrops:  Rohto is quite good in taking some seasalt-water redness out. Also nice when flying a lot.

Also a special mention to all my hairstuff I reviewed over here...

I would be fantastic if everyone tries to join this challenge and tell us what your summer-musthaves are! RougeDeluxe has joined as well. So comment on Yumeko's Bittenbefore blog over here and get writing, photographing and publishing!


Yumeko said...

WAHHHH i loooove ur entry
and the whole thing on bases..hellooo GENIUS! i love it!!!

the DeliPlus Color Colerete Multicolor is so interesting looking! [ok i am curious abt the name more than anything else! deliplus XD i'mma going to have to google this]

i love the fact you posted how one needs to get EVERYTHING off, that is just so so so so important!!!

thank you for joining!!

birkinbagbeauty said...

hi Yumeko,
Thanks for liking :D
Oh dear...I used to go for a simpler facewash when wearing these high-duty sunblocks and it was clogged skin time afterwards. The country I stayed in had no clay-masks whatever and I include those in my travel arsenal too, in case the cleansers didn't remove everything.

sizbelle said...

YEAH to lotree love. Seems that I hardly seen anyone using lotree.

Still clearly remember getting my 1st lotree thru your recommendation!

Blair said...

Have you tried any Biore sunblocks? How do you think they compare to Sunkiller?

birkinbagbeauty said...

Hi Sizbelle,
Somehow and unfortunately Lotree seem to have dissapeared from the scene, or at least the 25 colour has gone away. Gmarket only delivered them locally and I think pretty&cute sold them but their shipping was a bit OTT.
I hope my enabling was a good thing for you but it always makes me special using that beautiful purple compact.

Hi Blair,
Actually, I have used Biore sunblocks: the Biore SARASARA UV Aqua Rich Waterly Mousse Moisturizing Sunscreen and I couldn't find it for my photo otherwise I had listed it before the Kose Suncut. It is actually more fluffy and so delicate on the face to use.