Saturday, 25 August 2012

Kose Addiction Cheekstick in Rose Bar 06

This spring I fell in love with the texture, durability and colour of my first Addiction cheekstick in Revenge (here). I had it compared against a couple of other hybrid multitaskers and I found it to be the ultimate no 1.
 I still love this colour a lot, but as I've been blogging lately I feel the need to return to my original favourite colour for autumn: a more muted rose. Kose Addiction doesn't have the largest colour selection on the cheeksticks yet (but wait for Autumn to have four new ones) but they have two muted rosy colours.

From the two muted Rosy's I picked the non-shimmery one: Rose Bar 06

Their beautiful and minimalistic outer cast doesn't say anything about the colour inside. The deep fuschia colour is a part of Ayako's detailed design. I actually like how she put the DD  of ADDiction in a rounder way.

The colour is a bit lighter than I expected. Still a delightfully Rose with a velvety texture.

I remembered stating my reason for going for Revenge first this spring because I considered having multiple dupes of this colour already. But I wouldn't be a beauty-blogger if I didn't see the nuances in one muted rose over another. 


Blatantly, in the field of cream-cheeks I have not even sister to compare it with, only some cousins in the powder department. Only in the lipstick part I can say it looks close to Hourglass Fresco, only a couple of tones lighter. So I'm happy not having close dupes!

I am really delighted with this colour as a blush. I know it can work as a lipstick as well, and I raved about this with the Revenge colour, but it's a bit too MLBB to wear it on its own. On the other hand, it makes the perfect foil for a multidimentional lipgloss.

This is another masterpiece from Ayako's Addiction and their hybrid Cheek/lipsticks become truely my must-have staple. I am looking forward to the pinky & salmony hue that will be released this autumn.

(I bought mine at ichibankao)


Haru said...

I have't tried any of the Cheek Sticks yet, but am definitely interested in them after reading your reviews! I'm heading to Japan next weekend, if you need a CP, do let me know as I'd be happy to help.

Annamária Surányi said...

ooh it looks lovely! and it's great that it can be used as a lipstick too! since the shapes of it looks like a lipstick's anyway :)

Annamária Surányi said...

ooh it looks lovely! and it's great that it can be used as a lipstick too! since the shapes of it looks like a lipstick's anyway :)

The Driveller Kate said...

I knew you'd get this eventually! :D Is the texture just as lovely as Revenge? I found my Suspicious stick quite a bit drier :(

sita said...

thank you
thank you
you swatched this

I've been eyeing this and african sunset cheek stick but never found the swatch for rose bar
My friend is going to japan next month and I'd ask him to cp me some Addictions. So your post is very timely
Now that I've seen it, I know I have to get this

dank u wel :)

sizbelle said...

this product look really awesome! I love to give thi cheek stick a try someday when I'm ready to give up some of my existing loves