Thursday, 31 May 2012

Of Mousse & Women: Nuxe 3 roses Micellaire Foam Cleanser

A couple of weeks ago I finished up my Kose Softymo Airy Whip

It was not my main cleanser, and I think I had it for about one and a half year. I alternated this cleanser between all the other varieties that I have: the balms, the oils, the cleansing waters etc.

I liked cleaning with this moussy stuff but it has the ability to make dry/dehydrated skin somewhat dryer.

However, I started to miss the feeling of cleaning with a fun foam and some days I really have oilier skin that needs more effective cleansing.

So I bought myself a new foam: The Nuxe 3 Roses Micellar Foam: First, because of the promise of Damascena Rose Petal Floral waterr; also and the fact it got a glowing review from two women with gorgeous skin on Rich/Succesful/Beautiful website Intothegloss (here).

It has a pump-dispensor that works when you pump it: it's not as automatic as the fluff that gets from the Kose Softymo, but this one distributes smaller portions that are just enough for the face.


a mixture of naturals & some non-natural additives.But without Parabens!

Verdict after four uses:
  • scent
the roses got me in the first place so I wonder how the fragance would be.  I would describe the rose as a masculine rose, somewhat a similar idea that Le Labo Rose 31 is often described (here). I like roses when they are most natural (as an essential oil) or slightly androgyn so this is ok with me. However, it surpised me a bit.
  • Cleansing:
Not as soft when applying as the Kose Softymo and somewhat a dryer mousse (if I can call it like that). The afterfeeling is clean, but almost too clean. I have to follow up with a softening tonic, and a rather moisturizing cream to make up for that.

  • Softening/Anti Ageing/Brightening/Deep Cleansing?
I have only used it four times to give out a thorough review. But as said earlier, I like the scent and the fact it is rather natural. Right now I do not mind following up with extra moisture, because most of my creams/lotions take care of that anyway.

I bought mine at, for UK people it is also availabe at marks&Spencer, the US have it on and I also saw it on

Kind of funny to see how a French drugstore brand has gone international and mainstream these days (see availability)

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