Saturday, 12 May 2012

BeautyDIY Green Tea Brightening Eye Roll

I was really looking forward reviewing the BeautyDIY Green Tea Brightening eyeroll I've been finding quite effective , weren't it the fact that doesn't sell it anymore.

I will still write something about it: it is sold at those blogger-website based sites and I expect to have some readers in Taiwan so I'll give it a short review. 

It has been quite effective in the morning for rolling away the worst of puffiness. Some mornings are not that gorgeous in waking up when you had a smidge of eyemakeup that you missed cleaning the night before, or sometimes your eyes get puffy without an obvious reason.

Working the entire face with the Clarisonic while cleansing gives the whole face a circulation boost which benefits the eyes as well. However, for the specific area and semi-massage the metallic roller-ball of the BeautyDIY is quite effective.

Main ingredients according this person:
green tea, seaweed extract, cucumber extract, soy extract and other natural plant ingredients, fresh beauty fluid (<- yeh, somewhat vague, right?)

The liquid inside is cooling but not too hindering cooling. You will feel it for approximately 25 minutes. Sometimes I apply a creamy eyecream over it, because the tonic-like liquid is not moisturizing.


  • the roller-applicator is handy in giving a lymph-draining massage (for Dummies)
  • the liquid is tonic-like and feels cooling for 25 minutes, and helps in depuffing the area
  • as for the Brightening on long term: not sure, but I feel the area is a bit lighter too
  • it's not moisturizing: for moisturizing you need to layer a cream/serum eyecream over it
  • it used to be easily to get: but removed it from it's site. Some blogger-sellers have it but I won't give links before I'm sure if they deliver.
  • I prefer it over the popular Garnier eyeroll (tinted): I feel the green tea and other ingredients give a better effect in depuffing


I really like it and it's effective enough to roll away the biggest puffiness.

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