Sunday, 11 March 2012

The NARS haul

I have been delightfully surprised by NARS spring range for 2012. Not that I have bought a lot, yet, but I really like the zest that comes from the colours.

Quite unexpectantly, for me at least, NARS released some other products as well. Actually, I already saw a promotion of the tinted moisturizer in some British glossy, so I wasn't completely surprised.

What did I get:

  • The Pure Radiant tinted moisturizer:
  • The 143 BLKR eyeshadow
  •  NARS threw in the freebie with the discount code: the Blush Super Orgasm in a mini size and their latest Pro Prime Pore Defining Primer
  1. Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer in St. Moritz
Clearly, I went for the tinted moisturizer: I really like their Sheer foundation but I have days that less-is-more and I do not want to go out completely barefaced but still polished.

As for the colour, I went slightly darker because I wear my tinted moisturizers the most during summer. In summer I have a slight tan (mostly from faux-tans, my dears). Actually, I got another one than I initially ordered: I'm quite sure I decided to go for Annapurna (medium with peach undertone) and gotten St. Moritz.

St. Moritz has been described as a

Still, it looks matching on the browner tone of my arms (the colour I will resemble most in summer).

I haven't been trying it that much because I just got it. According to NARS it "helps reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation and dark spots for a brighter natural glow".

 I'll keep an eye on that claim and hope to see the results on that one.

As for the finish: It really reminds me of my favourite Urban Decay tinted moisturizer. It smoothes down some irregularities without masking the face. I actually prefer it over Urban Decay right now, because it absorbs a bit faster into the skin.

       2. Freebie Pro Prime Pore Defining Primer
A NON-silicone emulsion that feels like a moisturizing milk. It feels really nice on the skin and I don't feel that too-present feeling that some silicone primers have.

Also, I just tested it once. I think it defines some of the larger pores and slightly contracts them. It isn't, like the silicone ones, a spackle buster (putting silicones in your pores to fill them up). I think more of it as a temporarily tightener for pores.

    3.     143 BLKR eyeshadow
NARS' compacts looks so beautiful when just out of the box
I have read tons of raves about Lhasa and it looked really good in swatches. I also had seen 143 BLKR online and seen them compared with Lhasa.  

Lhasa looked like the easiest, to go for taupe. That made it also a bit too similar to a couple of other taupes I have. Seeing the lavender undertone of 143 BKLR I decided I needed that one. Also, the fact that it is more difficult to get from other websites than the official NARS website. I'm a sucker for difficult-to-get, limited edition stuff: call it the hoarder and collecter in me :D

So beautiful, this dusty lavender
Yes, I have been trying it and I really like what it does to the greenness of my eyes. Also, as a bit of a fashion-lover, I like how it is a sort-of pastel colour without going sugar rush on me. It's like a grown-ups woman ticket to a bit of pastel on the eyelids and defining the colour.

I have read some reviews about bloggers regretting going for 143 BLKR over Lhasa and I believe it is a more complicated colour. It actually veers to the cool side and some eyecolours do not really come to live with a cooler hue. In general, I think reading a couple reviews of women who have similar colouring/eyecolour and makeup-strategies as you do can help you to decide if you need/want this shade.

I won't review the mini blush Super Orgasm. I would never use it on my cheeks because Hello Glitter but I actually like it as a peach colour on my eyes. It is pigmented as an eyeshadow too.

He he, nice one NARS. Still considering the Mexican Rose lippencil...that colour looks too good to pass away.


The Driveller Kate said...

lol :@ Hello Glitter

BLKR looks beautiful -- I agree with you that Lhasa isn't terribly unique (though it's pretty too).

Anonymous said...

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Vicky said...

I was debating whether to get BLKR or Lhasa lol, they are both really nice... but maybe I shouldn't XD

Joany said...

Iwill defiantly try that tinted moisturiser in my shade its always handy to have, thanks for the review.