Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Mid Weeklies

Yesterday's post was already quite summary/mid-weekly, but it was all about beauty so I do my regular mid-weeklies as well for today that is about more than just the beauty of the face:

Gotta keep things a bit predictable, right?

1. My habit of wearing summery fragance in the midst of Winter. I really like my Byredo perfume in Palermo. I have a soft spot for Italian (citrusy/fruity) coast-inspired scents and this one really fits the bill.

2. Romance: Valentine right? I love this picture of the girl on the back of his bike, both basking in the sun.

3.Hiraki Shimoda sweet but Creepy Kids...find more of his pastel-coloured world over here.

4. Icy Sunsets...I love all kinds of visible sunsets

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