Monday, 31 January 2011

Birkie's January the Body issue

January is one of those month you tend to forget you have a body...

Or, you really want to forget you have a body after

♥ an attempt to loose weight and join the gym (not too succesful),
♥ feel cold (that always seems to happen in January),
♥ or do not want to shave those not-too-smooth legs because, after all...who will notice them anyway?

So, in order to reclaim that unadulterated self-love every woman should have for her body , I will write about some of the lovely creams and butters that actually seem to help a bit... (I believe men should have that bit of self-love too, but men often have less trouble with this, LOL. Anyway, this post is aimed to everyone who likes to treat their body with potions!)

From Dry paws to smooth hands:

I always demand a lot from my handcreams. They should be:

* Thin, but still moisturizing
* absorb into skin quickly (because you do not want to stain your surroundings with your greasy mitts)
* smell good but too too protrudent (so that your handcream clashes with the perfume you wear...)
* easy portable (for on the road, so no bulky jars)
* cheap enough for me

Meet my little milkmaid from Metholatum:

Their handcream is creamy enough to moisturize that winter-starved hands, and still wonderfully thin.

The cream lives up to their claims, although I am always a bit iffy on that 'it works 24 hours claim'. It still keeps my hands moisturized enough for a quite amount of time.

Price = affordable! Just $2.30 on

Problem: Sasa does not sell this particular tube anymore

Solution: Even better, Sasa has a version that has SPF 15 in it and whitening properties. No claims from me, because I never used that version, but the reviews are already quite good. (find it here)

From cracked legs to soft pins:

Legs seem to suffer a lot during the winter...Why do they transform it that kind of tree-like texture when the month December seems to hit?

I have always loved the independant etailer shops that make body-lotions and perfumes. Haus of Gloi captured my attention after the numerous reviews that popped up (examples).

I  was particularly attracted to their gloomy and alchemic-esque labels on their jars:

So meet their Pumpkin Butter...something so balmy and rich that it would smooth out an elephant. (ok, exaggerated, because I do not have an elephant in my backyard that I could test it on, but...)

I find it a bit too heavy on other body parts (except for those elbows), but it works on dry places like a dream.

You can find them over here.

From lacklustre to revived:

It is not the outside of the body that gets a bit dried out because of the Winter season. Your mind could feel like a desert as well.

Enter...reviving baths and showers:

Aromatherapy Associates has this particular oil that you can pour in your bath, or, without bath or without too much time, apply on your body before showering: the Revive Morning.

Honestly, they are overpriced! You can make your own, cheaper blend with some aromatherapy scents that you find soothing, pleasurable, or uplifting and blend them with a carrier oil (more information over here). I once had a course in Aromatherapy, and the basic thing they learn you is that the scent that attracts you the most at the time being is the scent that will probably benefit you the most at that time.

Still, BE CAREFUL with aromatherapy, because they can have a similar working as medicine, but can be similarly hazardous as well! So stick to a trusted brand (Aromatherapy Associated or similar) if you do not like to experiment on homemade potions.

Purchased in the shop or homemade, oils can have this wonderfully nurturing effect on a dryer, winter body, and the essential oils can give you that bit of lift (or relaxation) you want. So, double benefit!

Anyway, my ultimate cure to the winter blues and winter dryness I am looking forward to that one...

In the meantime, keep moisturized and cheerful!

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Rollin' in 2011

Oh dear, I have been of the radar for quite a while.

The activity of writing about beauty thingies was not really appealing to me and I found myself in a writing rut: I wanted to write about more than just a reviews on beauty products!

Now I kind of realise that I have the honour to have some fantastic followers that might be interested in the things I have to say. I might be the umpteenth fish in the pond that writes about beauty products, but some of my followers might even be interested in the things I have to say. That is wonderful!

I have been toning down my online shopping habit. I reached the point that I did not take pleasure ordering new things, but that I had to shop online for the sake of...?...So, I will not blog that oftenly about the lastest fad in the beauty world, but I will still write a bit about the tried-and tested things that make life a bit more glamourous and stylish...

If you haven't noticed, most of the Europeans have been in the midst of winter...

Summer shoe meets winter snow
Yeh, I am all about denial of cooler temperatures and snow that was around during this Christmas, so I let my summery shoe touch the snow in order to make that contrast of ideas (my idea of wanting it to be summer and nature's idea of giving us a wintery time).

Temperatures have been mellowing up in the meantime. Still, I am not completely in denial and have been buying one of the latest fashion fad-dy items: the Norwegian print!

Norwegian Print legging from gmarket
I am still loyal to Korean all-you-can-buy site Gmarket, so these pink and grey-tone leggings are bought from gmarket (link) but they are not available over there anymore.

Honestly, they are a bit too small for me...I have those 'big bones'-legs (or just a tad chubby) and they are made for dainty Korean women. However, I could fit in them which made me happy in a way that only a girl can be happy when she is able to fit into a size she thought she would be too big for...:D

I have spotted another great print on gmarket: the mosaic leggings!

Gmarket Mosaic print leggings
I wish they came in a larger size, because I think these colour blocks are wonderfully placed on the leg. I think they have a semi-slimming effect, which my legs need...

And what about these...flashtastic! Especially the gold ones

Gmarket flashy leggings

 These look fantastic if you have the skinny-legs gene! So I would happily skip these for myself and order them for one of my friends who has skinny legs.

Ok, I might look all right in the black ones...

(Both are from item no. 170672489 (link)

I still like my makeup! Only I have not been buying them in bulks anymore.

The only thing I could not pass up after reading lots of raves, was the Lunasol Xmas 2010 set!

I love all of the beauty products in that set. The mascara is so natural but still holds my carefully placed curl I put in with my eyelash curler! The highlighter is fantastically beautiful, but most I like the eyeshadow palette!

Lunasol Xmas 2010 set: the eyeshadow quad
Apart from the glittery middle colour, these shades are a neutral colour girls dream...

The thing I love most about Lunasol eyeshadows is that they look semi-natural, but still make the eyes look more beautiful. I compared this one with one of my neutral Dior palettes, and I noticed that Dior leaves that eyeshadowy/pigmented look whereas Lunasol gives the eyes a defined glow.

My last gmarket purchase has been this check blouse I have been seeing a lot lately.

Quite retro, and I love the colour composition of mustard and browns.

These are item no. 191486147  (link) and  they are out of stock as well.

This seller has some similar designs (here). Mind that I have no experience with this seller, but it has high ratings so I suggest it would be ok to order from them.

I really love this one: it is so feminine in its pastel colours!

Whimsical version of check blouse
pastel blouse
It is the 타이밍블라/연두믹스 one from the same seller.

So, what have you been buying lately and what is your 2011 wishlist item you would love to see in your closet or makeup drawer/purse?